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Yoga 13 & Dock 3.0 - "Optimize For Video" Strangeness



First a pretty amazing setup to have two 1600x1200 monitors, Ethernet and a pile of USB stuff all connected to the Yoga 13. Kudos to the Dock 3.0 team. Love the concept. One comment that I made in the Accessory forum: it would be really nice if the Dock 3 notified the user that they had plugged into the USB 2 port. Strangely, it works... almost. If you are experience sluggish response, double check you have the right port.


I don't know if this is a Yoga 13 thing, or a Dock 3.0 thing... so I'm posting here (guessing).


I had a problem and figured out a solution, but I don't understand it. When using Office 2013 (15.0.4433.1506 64-bit) on Windows 8 and when typing, the screen goes blurry every 15 seconds or so. I can't take a screenshot because it happens quickly and only lasts about a second, but it is rather annoying. I can reproduce the problem easily. If I open up notepad and type away, I don't see the problem. It seems specific somehow to Office 2013.


Solution that I stumbled on: turn off "Optimize for Video". I've confirmed that if one monitor has this setting on and the other off, only the one with it on shows the symptoms.


What is this "Optimize for Video" toggle, exactly? The manual isn't very helpful: "the dock enables you to optimize the video playback quality when there are some quality issues, such as a tear or split. After optimizing, the display will be smother and clearer". Why does Office 2013 struggle with it?



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