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What's DOS?
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Yoga 13 does not sleep on lid closure

Hi all,


I've had a Yoga 13 for nearly a full year now with no problems until recently, when the laptop has constantly failed to enter sleep mode when the lid is closed. As a result, the laptop will continue to run in my bag until the battery drained. It is not a problem of rewaking when closed, as the screen will remain on with lid closure and the laptop never enters sleep mode. Is there a way to tell if this is being caused by a software problem (recent update to 8.1) or if the hardware involved in sensing a closed lid is now faulty?


Steps already taken:

Usng advice from a previous thread, I have uninstalled the Lenovo Energy Management software - this does not solve any conflicts with Window's own energy management.

Power options shows that device is supposed to sleep on lid closure - changing settings to hibernate did not cause machine to hibernate on lid closure either.

Powercfg shows no wake timers, -devicequery wake_armed shows "RTL8723A 4.0 + High Speed Chip." However, these should only be impacting the problem if it was waking from sleep - my device never enters sleep in the first place.


Thanks for the help - hopefully I can fix this while hanging on to this fantastic laptop.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 13 does not sleep on lid closure

I know I'm digging up an old post and I'm not sure if you've figured it out. I also had this problem and I think I've 'fixed' it.


When I was trying to diagnose the problem, I too tried to watch the screen closely as I closed the lid. I noticed that right before the magnets click together, I saw a notification appear on the screen. If you open the lid again fast enough, you might be able to see the message. The message I saw was a digalog box asking me if I wanted to enable tablet mode. This made me think that for some reason, the laptop thought I was actually folding the screen backwards (into tablet mode) when I was actually closing the lid.


What I did was to fold the screen all the way back, waited for the computer to show the dialog box, I chose an answer (I think I chose 'Always ask'), and then folded it back into regular laptop mode.


I closed the lid, the screen turned off, and the computer went into sleep mode (the setting I chose in Power Options). Hope this helps.

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