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Yoga 13 - i5 or i7 from a gaming POV?

So, I discovered the Yoga 13 when I was browsing the web looking for a suitable next computer, and it fits the bill on many points. I have been trying to find out whether the i5 or the i7 version would be a better buy for me by checking reviews and message boards, but I can't find the information I need, so I turn to you.


 I am right now considering both the version with i5 and 4 gigs of RAM and the i7 with 8 gigs of RAM (+ double SSD space). The only reason for me to buy the more expensive i7 version would be a better performance in games, but this is of course relative.


I wouldn't buy the i7 just so that I could put the graphics settings in a game (e.g.. Arkham Asylum) on high instead of medium.


I would, however, buy the i7 if I could run the newer titles (e.g.. BLOPS2, Max Payne 3) with a reasonably stable framerate.


Do you think that the processor and RAM will affect this or does everything hinge on the graphic card? (Then I'll probably go for the i5)

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Re: Yoga 13 - i5 or i7 from a gaming POV?

I have a Yoga 13 i7 with 4GB RAM. I haven't tested very far at all with games. The most intensive game I ran was Minecraft and that runs perfectly smooth on the highest setting.


Take a look at The Verge's review for the i7 model, particularly this paragraph:


"The Yoga's even a vaguely usable gaming machine, which is leaps and bounds better than I can say for most ultrabooks. Older games like Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X play relatively smoothly, and even newer games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which cripples most ultrabooks, was at least decently playable at native resolution and low settings — though by no means should you mistake this for a competitor to an actual gaming rig."


Generally, gaming largely does hinge on a decent graphics card - but a better processor with integrated graphics will definitely stretch a bit further than a lesser processor.


Hope that helps.

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