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Yoga 13 model availability and options

I've been following the Yoga since it's announcement at CES back in January. 


We know there will be i3, i5, i7 versions with either 128 or 256gb SSDs, 4 and 8gb RAM, and in silver or orange.


So far, BestBuy (in the US) supposedly has an exclusive as a retailer, but only has one model. i5 128ssd 4gb ram silver. lists three models but all are 128gb and silver.


Anyone have any info on the Orange model and/or the 256gb SSD availability? I know Lenovo has said color available by country, and I've seen a few 11.6 ARM versions of the Yoga as orange... will the 13 have that option in the future?


Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 13 model availability and options

please we want 256 gb ssd , why on the web site put only 128 , we want to buy best laptop with best specs . we want core i7 with 8gb ram with 256 gb ssd , with full hd screen and high stereo speakers with high and clean microphone and web camera , we want to play games also with exelent graphic card , we want to be happy when we start the games like delta force and need for speed and fifa2013 and the all games , its ok if you not put to us 3d screen and backlight keyboard but i7 and 8 g and 256 ssd and good and high speakers and microphone and hd web camera is must if you want the people to buy this product and dont buy another product with another companies like hp and dell and asus > you told us the lenovo yoga will be all in one and we happy when we hear that , now you told us no now you can only buy 128 gb ssd , and tomorow what you want to told us ???
What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 13 model availability and options

The best I could get from an online support rep regarding the clementine orange availability was "soon." 


An answer would be good--I plan on buying the highest end clementine orange model of the Yoga 13, and woudl gladly pre-order it if it were made availble on the lenovo site. I get that this product came out today and expect there to be some delays/hiccups in availbility.


That said, clearer information would be good, especially considering the quality of the competition (you know, Apple). 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 13 model availability and options



I am ready to purchase the Ideapad Yoga 13, but all that's available are machines with lower end specs, and only at Best Buy, as far as I know.  Preferred specs are the same: i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD. When will the 256GB model be available?


Thx. Greg



Also, will the Intel HD 4000 Graphics capability be sufficient for above average (not gamer) graphics use?  Wish the Yoga had a graphics card.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 13 model availability and options

we will pay 1000 - 1300 $ to take every thing , to play games also with exelent graphics card , we want to hear music and make chat with friends , we want high and clear speakers and microphone and web cam but also we want to play games on this laptop , if we cant play on this laptop why we must to pay till 1300 $ to take high end specs .. I think lenovo know that and will give to us what we want ( all in one ) and dont forger we must to buy external cd/dvd driver and maybe with blue ray , we want to make the all with this product that if the lenovo vomapny take card for her customers Smiley Happy

Punch Card
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Re: Yoga 13 model availability and options


Check this. You don't need know to read the Chinese. From the pictures, you can see the quality of the build from inside. Second, it appears both memory and SSD are replaceable. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 13 model availability and options

I am in the same boat as you guys... I really want this computer, but there's no way I'm buying one with a 128 gb SSD.. that is simply not enough storage, especially when only about 30 or 40 gb of that is useable (from what I've read online). The chat representative says he has no idea when the 256 gb version will be available, but that it will be available "as soon as possible"; whenever that is. This seems like a really ignorant decision on Lenovo's part... they should be thinking about the full user experience. There's no way I'm droppping > $1000 on a computer if my performance is going to bottleneck due to hardrive space limitations.

Punch Card
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Re: Yoga 13 model availability and options

We can only guess when orange and a 256 ssd will be available. Lenovo is not going to provide any information until they are ready to release the high-end units.  I suspect it was a Marketing decision to come out with the 128 ssd to keep costs as low as possible.  But it makes no sense, why not make the 256 ssd an option now.  At least they could start taking orders.  Its not like Lenovo laptops ship 3 to 5 days after ordering.  If shipping turns out to mirror the X1 Carbon you can expect a two month wait for your 256 ssd in orange with an i7/8GB combo.  I'll hold out for awhile but I'm also going to look at the competition.  Dell is already shipping their new 12" with 256 ssd so why can't the largest pc maker do the same?

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 13 model availability and options

Curious if if would work to buy upgrades for memory and 256 Gbyte SDD drive at Crucial. Would this work :

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 13 model availability and options

From what I have read, people have been successful with adding a SECOND 256GB mSATA drive in addition to the 128GB already there. I'm going to try it once it's on sale.

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