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What's DOS?
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Yoga 13 screen timeout inconsistent

The screen timeout behavior on my Yoga 13 has been rather erratic.  


Even though all the power management settings and screensaver settings are set to at least 15 minutes, it will often timeout directly to a black screen in only 1 or 2 minutes of no activity, requiring me to wake it back up and login again.


I recently figured out that this does NOT happen if I touch the screen periodically.  Then it seems to function correctly.  For example, after several minutes of inactivity it will actually go to the screensaver.  This NEVER happens if I don't touch the screen and instead use only keyboard and mouse.


One thing that might be a factor is that I am using an external wireless USB keyboard and mouse.


Either way, the screen timeout is supposed to reset the countdown anytime there is keyboard, mouse or touch input.  This is not happening.


Is there a fix for this?



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Retired Moderator
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Re: Yoga 13 screen timeout inconsistent

problem persists on battery or ac-power?
Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 500 screen timeout inconsistent

i m facing same problem.

yesterday i used my laptop as a tablet mode,after that screen frequently timed out although i setting up the screen timeout in 15minutes...screen always timed out after a while (15/20 sec),when  i don't touch or don't move the mouse..its happening after the use the laptop as tablet mode..

usually i don't use the laptop by touch,

i use it by wireless mouse and keyboard....

NOW,what can i do?

please answer.....

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