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Yoga 2 11 Data Recovery of data from laptop hard drives

Yoga 2 11 (Lenovo) Serial Number: YB******** Machine Type Model: 80CX59445810


Motherboard crashed and I need to get the data off the hard drive.  However, Lenovo apparently uses some proprietary connection that no repair service can connect to.  It does not just plug into normal hard drive interface devices.  How can I get all of my data from this hard drive??


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Re: Yoga 2 11 Data Recovery of data from laptop hard drives

If I understand things correctly, the 2 11 came with one of two hard drives. A Western Digital with an "edge connector" or a Seagate with a SATA to edge connector adapter cable. I'm guessing you have the WD. Here's a sort of guide. 


True, I don't know anyone who made an adapter cable that goes the other way.. edge drive to USB or Sata. That's what you'd need. Hopefully, someone else has done this.


You know what I'm going to say, next, but I'll say it anyway: Back up, back up, back up everything. There's not a byte of data on any of my laptops that isn't duplicated either in the cloud (pictures, music, documents) or on local hard drives (financial data, sensitive stuff) and even the local backup drive gets periodically cloned and the REALLY can't-lose stuff also gets burned to DVDs and stored in a safe. Seems like overkill, but I've had so many failures over the years and lost so much stuff that I've adopted this practice. Now, when a spinner starts clicking, I yawn, go get the backup or clone and pick up where I left off. 


Also, every computer gets a system image and bootable thumb drive and/or DVD the day I unbox it. At any time, I can wipe the thing and return it to the day I got it. 


Good luck. I'll go Google around and see if I can find an adapter cable.


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