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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga 2 - 13 Windows 10 Display Driver Intel HD 4000 Fails and Brightness Lost

When I upgraded from Win 8.0 to Win 8.1 I lost control of brightness.  So display is always on Full 100% which hurts my eyes and burns through battery charges in less than 2 hours.  


Lenovo solution was to rollback video driver for the Intel HD Graphics 4000 to the 8.0 version.


Then I upgraded to Win 10 because Lenovo said it was compatible.  


I totally lost the ability to adjust brightness again.  This time, when I tried to rollback to 8.0 video driver, I lost all screen functions and had to do a major reinstall of Windows!


Here is the kicker, there appears to be no solution on the Lenovo website, but dig this, I was just told if I pay $69.00 for a software technician to take control of my machine, they can "surely fix it".  When I asked why won't they post the solution on the forums and FAQs for the Windows 10 users, the sales person (yes, more sales than tech support) repeated an endless script of my options to provide a credit card that will surely fix my problem as the software technicians are very familiar with the problem.


So here is the ask:  Has anyone gained the secret knowledge that Lenovo has monetized to get their Windows 10 laptops to work right and are you willing to share it?


P.S.  Lenovo Company Message Board Manager:  you may want to address this with your superiors as a serious customer relations fail.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 2 - 13 Windows 10 Display Driver Intel HD 4000 Fails and Brightness Lost

I have upgraded to win 10 anniversary edition and the problem persist. pls help

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