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Yoga 2 13 known manufacturer faults repeated problems

2016-12-09, 20:57 PM

I purchased my Lenovo yoga 2 13 in May 2015 for £600. The usb 3 on the laptop broke within 8 months of purchase however it still worked even though it was broken I didnt mind I could live with that. My lenovo yoga 2 13 wifi stopped working on October 12th 2016 randomly. I tried to fix this issue myself checking airplane mode updating bios and framework checked network manager could not find any adapters. In device manager all adapters were greyed out. I also attempted network adapter software installation off lenovo website but to no avail.. I contacted Lenovo customer services and explained the issue and what I'd already done to solve the problem. Customer support informed me I had already done everything that they would to solve the issue and now the only thing was to send the laptop in for repair. I explained the laptop itself is fine as I checked and tested it. The only issue is the network card they told me it would take 10 business days max to solve the issue and send it back to me I agreed and sent the laptop in for repair. After a few days Lenovo sent me a quote for around £260 stating the laptop no longer worked because the broken usb 3 caused a problem with the circuit board and now the whole motherboard needs replacing. I mean how? How does a usb 3 thats broken (bearing in mind still works) effect the circuit board that the whole **bleep** thing needs replacing??? I did not agree to that as the laptop and motheboard with a broken usb 3 that still worked before I sent the laptop in were still in full working order. Any how I then rang Lenova customer support again in regards to the quote and explained again what needed replacing they told me to ring the meridian cost line which I did and explained the same issue only they were interested in payment and had no idea of the cost or why they were charging me for a motherboard when the laptop motherboard was fine. They reffered me back to customer support ( wasting my time and phone bills giving me different numbers to ring) I lost my cool with customer support at this point as no one was listening to what I was saying and why they were sending me a quote for a motherboard replacement was beyond me. I asked them to put me through to complaints department they informed me they couldnt and that someone would be in touch I kept my patience and waited after 3 days complaints rang me I explained my laptop issue and what needed doing to it and why they had sent me a quote for £260 knowing fine well it wasnt the motherboard the guy in the complaints team apologised and told me a new quote would be sent out. So after a few days they sent me a new quote for £52.00 (wifi card replacement) again on the quote paperwork they did not state what the repair was for I paid anyway and hoped for the best. I also repeatedly told them on the phone that Lenovo fine well knows that the Yoga laptops have horrendous manufacturing issues such as the usb 3 being broken and network adapters ramdomly going off only for the customer to spend more money than they already have to get these issues fixed and people with the yoga laptops have these issues worldwide whilst me being quite lucky being a network engineer and knowing my stuff fine well that I dont know how Lenovo get away with ripping customers off globally telling them its a whole **bleep** motherboard needs replacing when they know fine well it doesnt and its a money making scheme. There is standardization and componentization in place for a reason this is not the **bleep** early days of the computing industry anymore. 

After all the hassle Lenovo had my laptop for 7 weeks in total with no word on update and only when I rang them did they send it back to me that is 7 weeks of valuble work time lost and not even a apology or a reason why. First false replacements to make money and now 7 weeks to replace a wifi card??? Lenovo is beyond a joke! I have dealt with many manufacturers in all my time in IT but never Lenovo and I must say it is the worst possible customer service. Moving forward after I'd recieved my laptop back the mouse curser was disabled and so was the keyboard I managed to fix that after an hour. Installed Windows 10 and now after a week the **bleep** laptop will not turn on. It turns on keyboard light turns on and then goes off again. What is this Lenovo? Either I get sent a better laptop for free or you fix this **bleep** thing. I have lost 2 **bleep** months of valuble work time and I cannot afford to lose anymore. What are you going to do about this? I am sick to death of this machine which was very expensive purchase to begin with!


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