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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga 2 13 mainboard change

Hi all,

A bit of a technical question...


I have a Yoga 2 13 i3 4go Ram, and i feel my laptop is a bit slow for what i need to do with it lately.

I've been searching for a new one, but then i thought, why not juste change my mainboard ?


Here you can find all the spare parts for our laptop ;


As you can see on page 66, we can find and order on all of them


Now the questions

1) can I just order a better mainboard and install it without any problem ? especialy concerning the power supply or battery ?

on the service manual there is only on reference for the heatsink and Fan, so i assume the combo heatsink/ fan should work for any proc model, what do you think ?


2) there 3 version for each main board

ZIVY0 MB UMA             I suppose no W8 licence is attached

ZIVY0 MB W8P UMA    I suppose a W8 Pro licence is attached

ZIVY0 MB W8S UMA    I suppose a W8 Standard (familly) licence is attached

Am I correct here ?


Well then the question:

my original yoga was shipped with a W8S licence, since then I upgraded to W10, and deleted all the lenovo partition and did a fresh install of W10

what will happen if I install the new mainboard with my existing system ? I guess my win10 will say it is not activated anymore ..


will it be easy to activate it again ? I guess this question is not relevant whether the new mainboard is better or not, i guess it would be the same problem if i just choose the same one (like if mine was broken).


Do you have any experience with changing the mainboard and activating your windows ?


Many thanx for your help




Fanfold Paper
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎03-16-2016
Location: France
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Re: Yoga 2 13 mainboard change

Well, to answer the question, I just bought a new MB, I switched from i3 4GO to i7 8GO.

I booted with my previous install of win10 and everything went fine, the OS is still activated, I guess it didn't detect the change as a major one.

The only thing is that the MB is embeded with a Win8 Pro licence, and my Win10 is still seen as familly ... but as the old MB went in fire because of water dropped on it due to my cat .... at least I have a working laptop Smiley Happy

hope this can help people willing to upgrade their laptop at smaal cost.

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