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Paper Tape
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Yoga 2 Pro 13 Solid amber indicator, won't power up

Laptop only 1 year old. Just out of warranty. In home light duty use only. Tried to power up one day and noticed solid amber light although charger was plugged in. Purchased new genuine Lenovo charger. No luck. Purchased new power input connector (yellow plug on unit's side) and internal cable to motherboard. Installed nicely. Checked input to motherboard: 20VDC. But still no power and amber light solid. Purchased new battery. Still no power. Still amber light solid. No flicker, no display, no nothing. Next is motherboard replacement, but i7 8GB motherboard is $400! Even on E-bay. 


Tried all of the reset procedures people post: holding power button and BIOS button (together and separate) for 20-30 seconds with and without battery and power cord plugged in. Tried disconnecting small battery to clear CMOS. 


Anyone have this issue? How in the world can a motherboard fail on a unit cared for maticulously including always having proper cooling in an indoor environment. I've never used this unit outdoors. I don't have kids (lol).


Lenovo says $99 repair inspection and probably new motherboard at $400. Seriously!?!? $500 for repair of a one year old laptop. Shame on you Lenovo!



What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro 13 Solid amber indicator, won't power up

Same exact issue. Took out the battery, took out the CMOS battery. Pressed the power button a billion times. Replaced the power jack. Tried another power adapter. No resolution as of yet. I am bummed that for 2-3 years you haven't gotten a single reply. 

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