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Yoga 2 Pro Black screen issues

Hello everybody, 


I found a few topics on this already but none have helped so far so as  last resort I'll ask here what might be my options:


I have a Yoga 2 Pro that is out of warranty.  It's not mine so I don't know exactly what happend but this is the story I got was this:


The person was using it out on his porch.  It was sunny but not hot where it can overheat.  He got a black screen and decided to plug in hdmi to his TV.  It worked and he tried to do a system restore to a previous date.  Problem is he picked a system point before upgrading to Windows 10 so it tried to go back to Windows 8.1.  After that he said even the video to the TV didn't work.


Now the computer turns on, keyboard lights up but I can't get ANY kind of video neither on the screen or via HDMI out.  I've tried everything I can think of like pulling the battery out and the CMOS battery for over 24 hours (including draining extra power).


At this point before I tell him it's a motherboard issue, is there anything I can do other than that?  It seems odd that a motherboard might die from a Windows system restore.  The SSD is fine and working.


Note: At one point while turning it off and on, I did get the BIOS to show up on the laptop screen for less than a second but I never got that lucky again. 


Thanks for any suggestions.

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