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Yoga 2 Pro (Gen 2): Boot Device Missing

Hey Everyone!  So, I have a Gen2 Y2P, i7, 16gb RAM, windows 8.1x64 that I purchased back in 2013.  I love the thing and it's still a beast!  Except heres the thing......


About 5 months ago I got a Windows alert stating the battery was discharging, confirmed with Lenovo support that would not impact the system so I left it, no alerts came after that.


Yesterday the Yoga went to sleep and I couldnt turn the screen back on so, I hard rebooted - I've done this before never an issue.  This time though, when I powered it back on I got this error "Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed. ..." (see picture 1).


I hit Ok - see picture 2.  When I get to this screen it cannot detect the SSD, I insert a bootable USB, cannot detect that either.  I hit ESC and then I get picture 3 - any key just repeats the CMD output "No bootable device -- Please restart system"  I cannot get to the BIOS when the computer is on and when powering, I cannot get to the BIOS.  


I pulled the mSATA SSD out just in case as I do not want that to die on me (all my data, I literally just purchased hardware for a home NAS build).  BTW, after having removed the SSD I tested with the USB again and still nada.  The repair/reset button above the power button also does nothing.

I did see on here someone had this issue with a Yoga Tablet however they were able to get to BIOS, I cannot.  Any ideas?  I'd love to be able to repair this.... Smiley Sad




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