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Yoga 2 Pro - Hardware issues, need advice.

My boyfriend purchased a Yoga 2 Pro for work & school (he does online school and online work), about 1 1/2 years ago for over $1,000. Upon purchase he experienced a lot of issues with blue screen errors, flashing black screen, freezing etc. After talking to best buy and local computer repair shops, they suggested that he return it to lenova for repair. He recieved it back from Lenovo who replaced the fan (which wasn't working), and then the hard drive. However it still didn't work, and he experienced the same problems as before. Given that this piece of equipment was essential for work, he gave up, put it to the side and purchased a new hp computer. 


1 year later, I took it out from the under the bed to try diagnose it myself. After doing a hardware test, I saw consistent failure in the memory tests. My thought is that because the fan was broken the memory may have also been affected by the excess heat and was not replaced when the fan was replaced. 


My question is the following:

Is this something that can be replaced/fixed?

How much will is cost?

How can I get it repaired?


Also the lenovo website does not recognize the serial number of the laptop when I try and search it, making it impossible for me to contact them. 




Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.


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