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I have a Yoga 2 Pro and I am wondering if there is any way to activate the Fn lock key as sometimes I need the F1, F2 and F3 keys but I have to press the Fn button to be able to press these. It is not convenient for me.


There is a BIOS setting to invert the function keys.


To enter Boot Menu or BIOS on your Win 8/8.1 system, refer to this article.


For systems running Win 7 or prior, press F1 to enter Boot Menu (for ThinkPads), and F2 for IdeaPads.

With reference to the sample image taken off a Yoga 13's BIOS, check your Yoga 2 Pro's BIOS for an equivalent setting to the one highlighted.



Press F10 to save the changes and exit BIOS.


Load into Windows and you shall be able to use F1-F12 keys directly without pressing Fn key.

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This doesn't answerr my question. The solution offered just switches the default mode of the FN key and its shirted counterparts. I need to shift + lock the fn key. I've had 4 different Thinkpads through thee years, they ll offered FN lock as an accessibility feature. I can't press the two keys simultaneously. Can you upgrade the BIOS so this functionality is restored?


The Function Lock is triggered on/off by pressing Esc + Fn.


The Function Lock is triggered on/off by pressing Esc + Fn.

this doesn't work with my lenovo Yoga



Press function first, and esc second that that will lock the function key.


Useless for Lenovo Yoga 910, there's no way to restore Function keys with current bios 2JCN39WW and Lenovo Settings v3.169.0.0

Won't buy / recomend Lenovo anymore. It's extremely important to use Function keys and to have all keyboards configured the same way. Shame on you Lenovo.