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What's DOS?
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Yoga 2 Pro Lenovo Solution Center diagnosing Physical Memory problem, but no idea what it means

My Lenovo Solution Center ran a scan on my Yoga 2 Pro and said the Physical Memory failed the test.



I mainly use the computer to play an online RPG and have not had any problems with the computer whatsoever, so I can't say what the symptoms of the problem are because, as near as I can tell, here aren't any. The test is just one of the automatic scans that the Lenovo Solition Center runs.


After seeing that the quick scan was saying the Physical Memory had failed the Quick Random Pattern Test, I opted to run a comprehensive test to see if that would tell me anything  It came up with the following result:


Quick random pattern test - Failed
Advanced integrity test - Failed
Address Test - Passed
Bit low test - Passed
Bit high test - Passed
Walking ones left test - Failed
Walking ones right test - Failed
Modulo 20 test - Passed
Moving inversions 8 bit test - Failed
Moving inversions 32 bit test - Failed
Random pattern test - Failed

Random number sequence test - Failed
Block move test - Failed


after running the comprehensive test, it gave me a result code of W1D7GR5ZM-EUMBP7 but I have no idea what that means or what I need to do about it, and searching the Lenovo support site for that code didn't turn up anything. I also could not find a way to email or call Lenovo to ask what it meant, so if anyone can tell me either what that means OR how I can find out what it means and what needs to be done, I'd greatly appreiciate it!  

Bit Torrent
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro Lenovo Solution Center diagnosing Physical Memory problem, but no idea what it means

I would suggest you run memtest86 from passmark.

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