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Blue Screen Again
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Yoga 2 Pro - Light bleed on screen - is this acceptable / normal for this screen?

Hi all,


I wonder if someone could give me some advice as to whether the light bleed I'm experiencing on my Yoga 2 Pro is 'acceptable'. It doesn't bother me in normal day to day tasks like office work, email, web browsing but it's pretty distracting when watching videos in a dark / dim room, particularly where the video itself contains dark scenes or letterboxing.


I've done a bit of searching on the web it seems that black light bleed is a pretty common issue with these types of displays.


The following photos were taken on a DSLR in a totally dark room whilst running a video of complete black on youtube:


Brightness 100% - overexposed a bit in camera to show main areas of light bleed. The lower right corner is the most severe. Light bleed is also quite prevalent along the bottom of the screen.


Link to image 1


Brightness 70-80% - exposed to represent as closely as possible what i see when watching the black video in a dark room.


Link to image 2


Brightness at 50%


Link to image 3


Would this light bleed warrant a return? I bought this from John Lewis in the UK and they have an excellent returns policy. I do love the laptop but the light bleed is pretty annoying. I've seen some images of other peoples light bleed and I worry that if I was to get this replaced I may end up with one with much worse light bleed than what I currently have.


Any thoughts and advice would be most appreciated.




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