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What's DOS?
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Yoga 2 Pro Screen Blank - Computer Works with External Monitor

 Hey Everyone! Trying to get an idea of what order to start throwing parts at this thing.


Like the title says, my screen on the Yoga 2 Pro is blank. The computer boots and runs fine on an external monitor. I haven't pulled the bezel off the screen yet, but the video cable looks good on the mobo end. I am guessing I probably need to buy a new screen, but was wondering if I could have a cable issue before I spend $150 on a screen. 


Couple of interesting things:

In the device manager, only the external display is in the "Monitor" list. I don't have an option to mirror displays in the graphics properties or anything. My compupter just things there's one monitor, the external one. 


I was having flickering issues leading up to the screen going out. Flickering only occured on battery. 


Any thoughts?

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