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Re: Yoga 2 Pro - Screen Flickering and Screen Blanking

2014-10-11, 17:29 PM


Does the screen of the Yoga 3 Pro still display mustardly yellow !#?@?

Not with the new EM and BIOS updates :). 


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Los Angeles

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Re: Yoga 2 Pro - Screen Flickering and Screen Blanking

2014-10-26, 22:28 PM

I had the flickering problem, seems ike the brightness didn't make much difference, as I usually have it set brighter. Also my wifi was weak, couldn't get reception very far from my router, these were driving me crazy. I went in the settings as has been suggested, and changed them to higher performance, they were set to conserve battery. I have not had a flicker since I did that, and my wfi reception is stellar. Really a pleasure to use this thing now, even though my battery life is not quite as long.


It appears that the power saving settings are screwing with the screen brightness, and also affecting the wifi, I have the updated AC card, so could be different than the older ones. But I've seen a couple reviews on Amazon suggesting this resolved the flickering issue.


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DC Metro

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Re: Yoga 2 Pro - Screen Flickering and Screen Blanking

2014-11-01, 12:33 PM

I've also upgraded my wifi card to the AC card, and it fixed any connectivity problems and even a bunch of crashes that I was having but did nothing for the screen flicker (and I didn't expect it to).

Worse, after I started looking for screen flicker solutions it started once or twice a week just flickering from on to blank at the same rate as the brightness flicker and the only thing that seems to fix it is closing the screen and reopening.


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Re: Yoga 2 Pro - Screen Flickering and Screen Blanking

2014-11-17, 23:21 PM

I had this same issue. I called the lenovo technical helpline and they went virtually went into my computer and updated the intel software and now mine works just fine. I have not noticed it since then.


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Re: Yoga 2 Pro - Screen Flickering and Screen Blanking

2014-11-21, 22:13 PM

Hello, friends.. It's been a while since I bought my Yoga and complained in this forum.

I decided to spend half a day today to test the latest updates (BIOS 38 or something and OCT2014 Intel graphics drivers) and see if we can enjoy our Yoga to the full extent :)


The new BIOS update + new (Oct 2014) Intel 4400 drivers do not resolve the flickering issue.

Absolutely not. I can testify: flickering exists even with the plugged-in adapter. The thing is that when the brightness level is high (> 50%), people just cannot tell the difference between flickering and still picture. As the brightness lowers, it is better seen. But it is there! For sure it is.

I will give you a recipe. First, go to a dark place (for example, warm light at night). Next, set the brightness to the minimum, no more than 30%. Now, unplug the AC adapter to better see the flickering thing. And: OPEN GOOGLE.COM with you favorite browser (I use Firefox) AND SET THE CURSOR INTO THE SEARCH PANEL, SO THAT YOU COULD SEE THE CURSOR BLINKING. WITH THE CURSOR BLINK YOU'LL SEE HOW THE WHOLE YOGA2PRO SCREEN starts FLICKERING.


I swear, I see the flickering of some nature on 50% brightness with AC plugged. It's like the screen is vibrating to a very small degree. There's something really really wrong with our yoga 2 pro display. Sadly..


And of course, of course all that I'm telling is with all the possible options turned off as advised: adaptive brightness off in all the places, maximum performance on etc etc


Believe, the issue is there. Is it curable? :) Well, we'll see in one more year.


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Re: Yoga 2 Pro - Screen Flickering and Screen Blanking

2014-11-23, 18:09 PM

Apologies for the super late response, but yes, I have the latest BIOS version available on your website installed. Has not helped withthe flickering on battery one bit. It also still flickers on AC below brightness level 4.




Sadly it appears you guys have given up on us. Like I said in the originally post, I want to love the Y2P so badly because it's an absolultely beautiful machine, but you guys make it increasingly difficult to do so with lack of support and even lack of admittance to the problem in the first place. Will not buy another Lenovo product after these fiascos.


I'm still befuddled on HOW in the world this problem wasn't identified in QC testing. It's painfully obvious working in low light conditions that it ends up actually hurting my eyes if I use it for long enough.


Anyway, I DO appreciate you guys giving it a try to fix it (BIOS update), even if it actually did nothing at all to help fix the problem. Oh well.


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Re: Yoga 2 Pro - Screen Flickering and Screen Blanking

2014-12-01, 21:28 PM

I have recently bought myself the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, but I didn't have any issues neither with the screen nor with anything else.


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louisvilly, ky

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Re: Yoga 2 Pro - Screen Flickering and Screen Blanking

2014-12-07, 0:30 AM

I don't have the actual screen flickering and going blank issue, but I do have the brightness flickering issue on dim brightness. I have installed the latest drivers from lenovos website and updated my bios. The problem only occurs when on battery and on the last two brightness settings. Very apparent in a dark room, but always noticeable to me. 


Also, when waking up the screen, the transition from black to the brightness setting is very choppy. Reminds of my of slow executing Javascript.


I do like the laptop, but I have tried every version of  the graphics driver and setting to try to fix the flickering on the low brightness setting. I've disabled adaptive brightness in all 3 places as well. Looking forward to Lenovo finding a fix for this. This will be my main laptop for web development and class. 


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Re: Yoga 2 Pro - Screen Flickering and Screen Blanking

2014-12-07, 0:52 AM

I wouldn't hold my breath... We're at the year old mark for this laptop. They've released the Yoga 3 pro... I do believe Lenovo will leave us in the dust on this subject. 


Makes me wonder if I'll ever buy a Lenovo product again.


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Re: Yoga 2 Pro - Screen Flickering and Screen Blanking

2014-12-07, 0:55 AM

I gave up on it, got a refund and bought myself a Surface Pro 3. Best decision I ever made.

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