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I'm thinking about buying the 4GB Yoga 2 Pro and upgrading the system RAM later.

Is it possible?


It isn't possible to upgrade the system RAM of the Yoga 2 Pro by swapping in a larger memory module as the RAM is soldered to the system board.


For reference please refer to the the Hardware Maintenance Manual:


Manual page 32 begins the FRU Removal/Replacement section. Notice that there is no RAM item.


Manual page 61 is the exploded parts view. FRU #13 is the system board.


Manual page 62 details the system board/RAM size/OS permutations of FRU #13.

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This is really messed up!

The link below says ALL versions are upgradeable to 8G, but I just found out that mine is not.  I purchased it from BestBuy and I was also sold the memory to upgrade it. I was waiting for the Geek Squad to get the information on how to install it, and now I am told that it cannot be done. What can be done about this?



What that page actually says is:


"Up to 8GB DDR3L 1600 MHz, on-board two-channel (4GB/8GB)"


This means that configs are available up to 8GB (there are 4GB models and 8GB models), but not that 4GB can be upgraded to 8GB.   If that were the intent, it would say upgradable.


I will share your feedback with our webteam to ensure we try to use language that is more clear.


Thanks for the feedback!




You are not alone, ditkolad


Same problem happend here.

The 8GB model was not available due to a lack of 8GB RAM modules in the factory. So I chose to take the 4GB and to upgrade later to not wait even longer to get the Y2P....

Never heard before that there are Laptops without changable RAM ...


@Lenovo: Suppose there is no way to swap the modell


most thin ultrabook on the market does not have changeable ram modules.


yeah. Same thing happened here, I was going to have a friend i trust to do the upgrade...he doesn't trust himself to do the upgrade, I really don't want that Asus, but I may be pushed to sell trade this one in for it...Tai Chi vs Yoga....



If you can get another laptop that does not have a whitelist, go for it.  Not only is the RAM not upgradeable but neither is the WWAN Card.  Lenovo has written in to the BIOS a "Whitelist" to keep us from being able to upgrade our own property.  I will never buy another Lenovo.  Best wishes!


it looks like a lot of disgruntled Lenovo owners

I am still in my 30 day window

i think I will return mine and just swallow the 15% restocking fee and just purchase a samsung Tab S

too many issues here

I should have researched more


"it looks like a lot of disgruntled Lenovo owners

I am still in my 30 day window

i think I will return mine and just swallow the 15% restocking fee and just purchase a samsung Tab S

too many issues here

I should have researched more"


Believe me, I wish I had done more research myself.  I have been in IT for 25 years and have bought business laptops and desktops from Lenovo for 65,000 + employees.  Their customer service for the business class is impeccable.  For the consumer grade equipment. it is horrendous.  To find out about the White List post purchase was horrible.  For the Flex 15 they have certified latops for the 7260 Wireless N and the Intel 7260 wireless AC dual band wireless cards.  For my Flex 15 with the wireless N card, Lenovo no longer even sells the 7260 wirelss AC Card but due to the White List you cannot install the Intel Wireless AC card. This is a travesty with Lenovo telling me basically what I can and can't due with my own property especially when I am trying to install a certified wireless7260 wireless AC Dual Band card they no longer sell.  It is my intent to contact my lawyer and see what rights I have to make changes to my own property.  I can tell you I will never buy a Lenovo anything for as long as I live and for all the people that come to me for recommendations, I will not be recommending Lenovo or any other company that thinks they have the right to tell people what they can and can't do with their own property.  If anyone is interested in contacting me to apply pressure and try to get this practice stopped, I would be glad to talk to you.  Best wishes to you all that find yourself in the same boat as myself..



@ExLenovoBuyer on ‎02-03-2015 02:26 PM



Thanks for your post, it was very enlightening. Today, I'd buy the New Lenovo Yoga 2 to replace my old and heavy Dell 15R with 5 years , so so I no longer want to hear about Lenovo. I'll wait a few more days and search for new HP Spectre X360.



I landed on this page because I wanted to see if one could up the memory to 16GB which obviously after a bit of reading is not possible. I don't get the disgrunteled people though. One guy talked about buying Samsung. Their products have a lifespan of about 8 months if you're lucky, the rest of the warranty it'll spend in service.


Also I wanted to update to 16 GB just because it sounds good. I've yet to encounter a situation where non-existent RAM would be a problem.


As for Lenovo Service: We are dealing with almost all major brands and high amount of items. Lenovo really has a service network second to none. So I would really think long and hard before buying any other brand. Otherwise, why would I have bought a Lenovo and not an Asus or a Samsung for my personal use?


It is absurd that I cannot upgrade ram on my laptop. They could have easily made it swappable like the SSD. I would not be suprised if they start soldering the SSD to the motherboard just to screw over their customers even harder. Lenovo has lost legions of customers due to their controlling and unfavorable business practices, poor quality products, and insulting customer service (if we can even call it that).


Also, a Samsung tablet is not a replacement for a Windows laptop - they are not even in the same class. Like comparing a bicycle with a 60HP yamaha dirt bike - sure they are both "bikes" but they are not even close to the same. Similarly just because the Yoga is small and thin, you cannot call it a "tablet" because tablets run on Android (most) and they have pitiful hardware components compared to i7 laptops with DDR3 ram and true SSD.


Look at the Surface 3 / Surface Pro 3 for a competitor. While they call it a "tablet", it really is a "laptop without a hard keyboard" because it does run full laptop components (i3, i5, i7 - DDR3 ram, true SSD). But the downfall is the price - they are too expensive at retail pricing. It appears Acer and Asus also have good ultrabooks these days as well which I will be looking into, which are much more affordable.


HP also has a new ultrabook - "Spectra" very high end and just like the Yoga 2/3 Pro - but it too is a bit expensive ($1200-1500)


I'm not so confident that isn't possible to swap a larger 16GB memory module RAM (soldered).


Look at this video:


Mine Yoga 2 Pro (20266) already upgraded to Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 and Samsung mSata 950 EVO 1TB SSD one year ago. Now running Windows 10 Professional (build 14393.693) smoothly.

I really would like to know if someone had success with 16GB RAM soldered modules.

Please let me know!




@Birraque, while this is indeed an option to upgrade the RAM (of any device, really) it is not something your average PC tech will be equipped or even competent to perform. That video makes it look pretty easy, but it really isn't. Also, after watching a few disassemblies, I must say they never intended for anyone to do this just based on the RAM's location on the system board.


Is it possible? Yes. Is it probable that it will destroy another component? Yes. Will it void your warranty? You betcha! It will also be prohibitively expensive.


Even performed by a registered Lenovo tech, you can bet you are completely "off the reservation" by doing so. I bought a Samsung ultrabook (which has brought me through some tough use for many years, thank you! <= to the "8 month lifespan" comment by @techforev) & it also had soldered RAM (4GB soldered of 12GB total, oddly enough). I didn't think about it at the time, but it has really caused me some problems (I do graphics...).


My recommendation to you, as a 25-year PC Tech, is to bite the bullet & buy the one with more RAM. Is this (a little bit of a) hoodwink? Yes, it is. They can sell you that 4GB of RAM for 5-8x retail this way...but you really don't have a (good) choice. Will they start offering upgradeable models? Not while they can jack up RAM prices this way. Many many many other large device manufacturers do the same. Is it nice? No, not particularly. But to borrow a phrase from teenagfe girls everywhere "everyone else is doing it too".


If you really want to vent at someone, vent at Apple. They started the fad about 20(+/-) years ago with their "black box" designs using proprietary components that were absolutely not user servicable.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, buit you would be better off just coughing up the extra dough to Lenovo...unless you just want to pay someone with proper equipment & experience to do the soldering...& hope it works, because otherwise, you just have a very pricey paperweight.





P.S.: I wish (for us both) that I had better news for you. I was hoping to avoid (essentially) shelling out $300-400 for 4GB of RAM. I don't really need the 4K display on the Yoga 910, so that extra cost is just buying the RAM (again, for 3-4x retail at least). It also negates the possibility of exceeding 8GB, which can often be necessary in a laptop (to be fair, since Lenovo is marketing the Yoga series as laptop replacements)


P.P.S.: I also wish the wordwrap worked on that post.

           Sorry about that. No idea what I did (or didn't do) correctly.