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Paper Tape
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Yoga 2 Pro WONT TURN ON (backlight flickers)

First time poster here,


I recently purchased a yoga 2 pro approximately one week ago in Hong Kong from a technology reseller (Fortress). Was super excited, majority of reviews were glowing etc. However, after taking home and using it for less than an hour, the whole computer just suddenly turned off. All i had done was install AVG anti-virus, real player, and Hearthstone (blizzard game, didnt play it yet). When i tried to turn it on again the power button and backlight keyboard would flicker every 5 seconds, but no screen came on. I tried with/without being plugged in to no avail. I wrote this off as bad luck and swapped it the next day for a new one.


New one worked great for about 4 days, when the screen suddenly went haywire going all fuzzy with heaps of static (like one of those really old TVs when u get bad antenna reception). It was not responding to any keyboard or touchscreen commands, so I hard reset it (held power button for about 10 seconds). When i attempted to turn it back on again, same thing happend as the first laptop, flickering every 5 seconds, no screen. I will add that for these 4 days it worked I had mainly used it to watch youtube, play hearthstone, and watch movies. No other issues came up before the sudden breakdown. However I also noticed that when I played Hearthstone (a very low graphic intensity game btw) the laptop base got very very hot. I had also set my energy manager settings to high performance mode (part of the 'fix' for the off yellow colour).


I've now swapped it back for a THIRD yoga 2 pro. The salesman said this was the last time they would swap and if it happened again we'd have to go through Lenovo. 


I've had it for a few hours and it seems to be running fine but i wanted to post up this experience up to see if others have had similar issues, or might know what might have caused two of these beautiful laptops to cease working. The salesman suggested one possibility as being the laptop overheating to the point that it damaged the hardware in some way, although I would have thought that most laptops would have sufficient protocols to prevent damage to the laptop in this way. Any other suggestions or tips would be appreciated.


Sorry for the TLSmiley Very HappyR



Punch Card
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro WONT TURN ON (backlight flickers)

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro WONT TURN ON (backlight flickers)

Thanks alexcannas,

I recalled reading that thread the first time but forgot about it since. Ill add to that cheers
Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro WONT TURN ON (backlight flickers)

I also had this issue.  Laptop lasted 4 weeks.  Technical support was unhelpful.  I have been waiting 6 weeks now for my replacement laptop.  Customer service has been TERRIBLE despite numerous calls and speaking to agents, leads and supervisors.  I would caution anyone before they purchase from Lenovo.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro WONT TURN ON (backlight flickers)

I have the exact same problem.  It first happend within one hour of opening the box.  However, the problem went away...returned intermitently...and now my yoga 2 has a totally dark screen and flikcering keyboard.  I was previously a big proponent of the machine.  Now, i'm thoroughly disappointed.  Customer service does not seem to have any answers.

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