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In the Windows app list, you will come across an application called the "Yoga Phone Companion".


The application is used to sync your phone's pictures, videos, messages (SMS) and contacts. You can also use the application to send SMSes and also make phone calls as well. 


Note: phone calls made are as if you are dialing via your phone, therefore you still get charges if you were to dial via your Yoga. 


Requirements to have this feature working.


  1. IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro
  2. Android phone (tested on a phone running Android 4.2.2)
  3. WLAN connection. Both phone and Yoga must be on the same wireless network.


Do follow the steps provided below to setup the "Yoga Phone Companion".


  1.  Go to Windows apps and click on "Yoga Phone Companion"
  2. Read the slides and swipe left.
  3. Once that is done, take your phone and launch a QR code reader application. If you do not have a QR code reader application, you can download it via the Google PlayStore or you can follow the link available on the bottom side of the page.
  4. Once the installation is done, launch the application on your phone. 
  5. Next, on your Yoga, go to Desktop and right click on your "Yoga Phone" icon and select "Set Password"
  6. You are required to enter 8 numerical numbers for your password.
  7. Go back to your phone and search for the PC name and enter the password.
  8. Once both the devices are connected, you can see the messages, contacts, videos and pictures sycned to your Yoga.

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Following the above instructions Using Yoga phone connection I do not get my phone to connect.  My phone sees the computer. I select it and it says connecting: computer name. 

Then I get "connect to Computer name failed.

Check password and network"


Samsung note 2

Ensure that the password shown on the PC is type in to your phone correctly.


Also if that still fails, get the IP of the PC then input the IP on your phone when connecting. 


Anything feel free to send me a private message. I hardly check back here. Thanks Cleo_Lenovo for the notification.


I just got the yoga 2 pro..


I updated the program ( phone companion ) to the latest one.


I click on the program and nothing happens. I click on it on the start menu, nothing happens.



I looked on the window store and the phone companion is no longer listed.


where can I download this program to reinstall?


where can I get the android app to connect with my Samsung phone? If any?


I searched everywhere under support and online and I can't find it.  


is this being phased out?


i figured one thig out.. it works only through metro screen so far.. 


i follwed directions but doesnt fully load with PC and phone. It connects but stays loading forever.


I cold get this to kind of work, for short periods of time with my Samsung S3 but after a few minutes I would get a message that my wireless phone network connection was unstable.   I finally gave it up.


I have the 11s, not the 2 pro, but I ran into a strange problem where it wants me to click on the phone icon in the desktop taskbar,  but i have no icon to click.  I don't see any other way to access these settings and set a password.  Anyone else seen this problem?  I don't know how to fix this  




I have the Yoga 2 13 , with a Samsung Note 3. It's not moving pas the connecting screen. Also the Laptop appears to have to created a direct connect profile in wifi, not sure if that is related.


Thank you,


This app is a huge dissapointment. It has a terrible rating on the Windows Store. I'm able to get my Samsung Note 2 to connect to my Lenovo 2 Pro but I only see a spinning circle as it doen't connect. Checked passwords twice. No feedback from app on why it wont finish connecting. This feels like a half ass effort at best. Please finish testing this app and fix the problems. At least offer some feedback to the user why your app is failing.


Memory hog -  I do not have an Android phone and have not tried to use the Lenovo Phone Companion yet from time to time I receive a message that I am running out of memory in my Yoga 2 Pro with 8GB of RAM Memory.  Checking in Task Manager I discover that Lenovo Phone Companion Pusher has taken a large amount of memory.  When I kill the process the PC hangs for a few minutes then crashes.  I will now try to uninstall the Phone Companion.  I never actively installed it so it must have been pre-loaded or installed with another package.


Phone Companion not immediately available:


I have by phone and Yoga linked by bluetooth, but to use the Phone Companion, I always have to re-link by selecting the laptop device again on my phone, then they connect "slowly, but never fully".  


What is the trick to having this app readily available for use as I assume it was designed?  I would like it to automatically link to my phone when within distance and be able to respond to texts etc from my computer.  Do I actually have to re-link each time?  Can the app remain open somehow?