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Yoga 2 Pro Wifi slow, tried everything, possible hardware interference?

I have read every single thread out there about slow/dropped wifi connections on the Yoga 2 Pro, and there are a LOT of them. None of the fixes suggested work, and I am experiencing very slow connection speed from my room where every other laptop I have (including a 10 year old dell) gets speeds at least 10x faster. The connection is great if I am 10 ft from the router, but otherwise it slows down incredibly as I go farther from it (whereas other devices don't). I even tried buying a new wifi card (the 7260AC that many people suggest) and it has the same issue.


I noticed when putting the wifi card in that when I have the bottome cover off (the one you need to take off to access the inside of the laptop), the wifi speeds shoot to about 10x faster (getting about 20Mbps) and match the speeds of all my other devices. But, as soon as I put the cover back on, the speed drops back down (about 1Mbps). I have done multiple tests, with both wifi cards, and I get the same results. Even if I just have the bottom cover "hovering" on it (not screwed back in, just placed back on lightly), the wifi performance significantly drops. But when I take it off, the wifi comes to normal, good speeds.


Anyone know whats going on here / possible fixes?

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro Wifi slow, tried everything, possible hardware interference?

My download speed was only 10 mbps recently. I fixed it by upgading Intel wifi and bluetooth drives. Mu download speed is 50 mbps after the fix.

1. Download Intel Driver Update Utility 2.7

2. Manually remove Intel Driver Update Utility 2.6 if it's on your system before.

3. Intall and run Intel Driver Update Utility 2.7

4. Update Intel wifi and bluetooth drives

Good luck

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