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Yoga 2 Pro, external monitors



I'd like to add a couple of external monitors to my Yoga 2 Pro, specifically the Dell u2515h model. This has dvi and hdmi in and displays at 2560x1440. Will the micro hdmi drive 2560x1440? How would I get the second external monitor connected? I've seen some usb3 - hdmi connectors but most seem to top out at 1920x1080. 


How do do I get this to work without spending a fortune on connectors- I'd rather spend the money on getting a better set of monitors. 


Should i I give up on the idea of dual 2560x1440? Should I go for two u2414h monitors, which would give 1920x1080 on each screen? 




Ian Brown 

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Re: Yoga 2 Pro, external monitors

AFAIK the Yoga 2 Pro's built-in HDMI is version 1.4, which should be able to output 2560x1440 at 60Hz.

As for a second monitor, you can look into a USB 3 to HDMI DisplayLink solution. Some of these support up to 4K. The biggest caveat with a USB solution is that the CPU will be under a fair amount of strain as it must handle the encoding of the video stream. This also means that while you can probably output 60Hz office and productivity work over the USB, any fullscreen games/videos will be very choppy.

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