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Paper Tape
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Yoga 2 Pro power up problems


I searched for this problem and read everything I could find related to power problems, but nothing I can find refers to this problem:


My Yoga 2 Pro will not power up. If I press the power button, the keyboard backlight flashes on and straight back off, about every 5 seconds. The power light flashes at the same time, but nothing else happens.


I can't power down either. If the power supply is connected and I hold the power button in to force a hard power-down nothing happens. If the machine is running on battery and I hold the power button in, the flashing stops but as soon as I touch the power button or plug in the power supply, the flashing starts again.


So, I can't power up and I can't power down. I can't find any emergency reset hole on my machine, the bottom of my machine does not look the same as the illustration in the other posts which show this. The screen remains black at all times, so I can't access the machine at all.


I live outside the USA, but I bought the machine on a recent trip to Florida, so sending it back is problematic.


Any suggestions which might help?

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro power up problems

I was experiencing the same problem!

Yesterday, I was just dealt with a shop to buy one. I did an unboxing the unit in front of the shop owner. After plug in the charger, I switched the power button on, then it happened!

I cancelled the buying, and the shop owner couldn't say anything except sorry...

They have only one unit in stock, and promised to get another one by tomorrow, but I don't want to get it.
Blue Screen Again
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro power up problems

Unfortunately, I can't help you with your power problems, but I'd like to point out one thing.


I think the reason why the bottom of your machine does not look like the ones in the pictures your found in other threads is that you are looking at the wrong line of Yogas. 


You see, there are actually two different line of Yogas: the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga (consumer) line, and the Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga (business) line. The model you mention having, the Yoga 2 Pro (which I own too), is from the Ideapad consumer line, not the Thinkpad line. The Ideapad and Thinkpad Yoga have very different looking bottoms. Judging from the fact that you posted in the Thinkpad section of the forum rather than the Ideapad section ( Idea Windows based Tablets and Convertibles ), you either did not realize there is more than one Yoga line, or assumed you had a Thinkpad model. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro power up problems

Apologies if I posted in the wrong area -- I have no idea about the complexities of Lenovo's product line, I'm just a poor sucker who trusted them with my money. My machine has now died completely, no response of my kind. Lenovo support says I cannot send the machine back to the USA for repair under warranty because I dared to take the machine outside the USA. Thanks guys. Unbelievable. I bought the machine in the USA precisely because I cannot buy one where I live. $1200  down the drain and I never even got to use it. I'm told that Lenovo's account with FedEx only allows for shipping repairs back in the US -- really?? A worldwide product line and they can't fix my machine and ship it back???? There's a FedEx office here, but apparently  nobody at Lenovo can manage to ask FedEx to send it here. Guess which brand I'll never buy again.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro power up problems

I have the exatily same problem.


working fine... it turn of itself...

tried to turn it on... press the power button, the keyboard backlight flashes on and straight back off, about every 5 seconds. Stay that way forever.


Close the case, and press power button (holding for 8 to 30 sec) , it turn off.


Tuning on with lenovo/reset button... same thing.


Buy in US , houston tx , now i´m in another country... 


No mention of the problem in lenovo Troubleshooting... 


now what ?? any help please ??  

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro power up problems

The retailer that I bought my machine from also said initially that they would not deal with the issue because the machine is now outside the USA. However, they did eventually agree to take it back. It took a while, but I got the machine back -- under the circumstances I was glad to get some help and appreciated the fact that someone took the trouble to help even though the company policy said different. It shouldn't be like this -- nobody should need special help to get something fixed that broke right after purchase -- but unfortunately it is. Apparently it needed a replacement motherboard. This will not help you get your machine fixed, but if you have the same symptoms, it might at least point you toward what may be the problem.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro power up problems


i have the same problem after win update

i push on backlight keyboard and led blink and fan ok but LCD black

i can switch off

i can clik on windows on lcd its viber but its only thing i can do


What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro power up problems

Hi Everyone,


I just experienced the same start-up power issues, found out that my system was still under warranty, and had the issue resolved with a new motherboard (replaced by Lenovo for free.) All of my files remain, and everything works fine now.


I suggest you start here to see if your system is still under warranty:


If it is under warranty, call Lenovo tech support at 1 (855) 253-6686 available 24/7 and walk through the diagnostics. They will then have you ship it (postage is covered) to their repair facility. It was a fast and easy process with excellent customer service.


If it is not under warranty, I suggest you locate a local tech place. I went to Discount Electronics for repair – before I knew my system had a few more months of warranty coverage since I bought it from Best Buy! This was not reflected in the warranty website check, so grab your original invoice to check the date. There was a $49 service charge that gets applied to the full repair cost. They said it was a motherboard issue, which is a common issue for this system, and they could get me a new motherboard for $372. I searched online and found it for sometimes less than $200, so do some shopping if you have to get it replaced. You can also still have it repaired by Lenovo, but I am not sure what they will charge.  


It is a known issue with the manufacturer, so there might be some validity to asking Lenovo for a discount or some kind of compensation. I love this system, and I am glad that it was able to be repaired. At one point, I was contemplating getting a new laptop and was searching to see what’s available today – searching all manufacturers. I still felt like it would be worth fixing this system by replacing the motherboard since the cost was not too high.


Thank you, Lenovo, for an excellent service experience! Thank you, Best Buy, for the extra couple of months of warranty coverage!


If you are desperate, I did stumble upon this solution that worked for one guy:


saumyaj Sep 19, 2014 at 12:46 PM



I had the exact same problem. Other signs - even with the black screen, I was able to toggle the keyboard backlight by pressing Fn and space. BUT the capslock indicator does NOT toggle on/off on pressing the capslock key (which means the bios is not loading up the input devices and needs resetting). If you have the same problem this solution should work for you. You do run the risk of voiding your warranty though as this method requires opening the back cover. 

Step 1: Open the back cover by removing the 11 screws at the back (using torx 5 screwdriver)

Step 2: Disconnect the battery connector. No need for you to take out the battery.

Step 3: There is a small circular CMOS battery cell near the top left corner at the back (near the fan). Disconnect the connector of this cell (This will reset your bios).

Step 4: Reconnect your CMOS cell connector. Plug in the AC Charger and turn on your laptop. It should work! Shut down your laptop properly.

Step 5: Reconnect your battery connector and screw back the cover.

Hope this helps. Tell me if it does/ doesn't. Good Luck!



Best of luck!



Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro power up problems

TNX Saumya, you are a life saver!!!
Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 2 Pro power up problems

I tried you solution. I had to unsolder one of the leads to the cmos battery because ther wasn't any connector visible. I did disconnect the battery. I resoldered the cmos battery and reconnected the main battery but still nothing.

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