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Yoga 2 Pro returned. Worth to try again?

2013-12-31, 21:42 PM

I've had the 8GB Yoga 2 Pro for a about a month and a half and have had a lack luster experience with lots of issues of shutting down, freezing and just not being able to power on.  After trying to give it another try, I started it from scratch and it took 1 day for it to freeze again, shut down and then finally not be able to turn it back on again.


So I took it back to Best Buy, thankfully I was able to fully return it with no issues.

My problem is that when it wasn't causing me issues I really liked it, but is it worth it to try again?  Did I just get a bad apple?  Is anyone else out here having no issues at all?


I need support, please!


Moderator note: added some info to the subject line. Was:  Worth to try again?


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Re: Yoga 2 Pro returned. Worth to try again?

2014-01-01, 1:22 AM

Constant freezing and shutting down are definitely not common issues, so if those are the only issues you've had with it and put up/did not notice anything else, by all means you should try again.


I'm about to start pulling my hair out with mine because of all the common issues and the little things that for some might be unnoticable, but for me add up to a crappy experience. I think my experiment with Windows and 2-in-1s is coming to a close, but I can't be spending 1/2 time using the machine troubleshooting issues or worring about the stupid battery life because a Haswell machine can't last 6 hours if I use it for more than light browsing. Between XPS 12, SP2 and now Y2P, I'm pretty much done. Tomorrow I'm doing a clean reinstall, and will try it for a week. If nothing changes, it's going back, and I'm even looking at anything else in the Windows camp until all high DPI screens are the norm, battery life is trully 8-9 hours+, and MS has had time to iron out all the little crap. As much as I feel that in a lot of ways going back to Apple is a step back (I've really gotten used to a touch-screen for example), in my years of owning various Apple machines I have never once had any issues of this sort, and at the end of the day I need a machine that works with minimal fuss.



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Re: Yoga 2 Pro returned. Worth to try again?

2014-01-01, 2:51 AM

You should be able to tweak it into lasting quite a long time with some downsides like lower resolution and lower brightness plus tweaking the maximum CPU usage to like 80% or something. While Haswell dramatically boosts battery life while you're doing simple tasks it doesn't seem to boost it when doing more complex things. It basically just has better idle usage compared to ivy bridge.


That said, I'm kind of thinking about getting rid of the Y2P for the Surface Pro (Ivy Bridge) and tacking on a 1.5lb 26,000 mah battery. Should get 12 hours+ with that. It seems like it would meet my needs better, but I'm not sure yet, so I'll have both for the time being. Big thing I screwed up on when buying the Y2P was pen input & build quality, I probably should've just sucked it up and spent the money on the Thinkpad Yoga. (Even though now I have 2 devices for the same price as 1 thinkpad yoga..)


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Re: Yoga 2 Pro returned. Worth to try again?

2014-01-01, 18:17 PM
I have had minor issues such as a slightly buggy trackpad, aggressive adaptive brightness and aggressive voltage adjusting in tablet mode. Otherwise, I get about 7 hours just web browsing (slightly lower than the average for computer in this genre).

I assume over time the bugs will be ironed out but patience is required. Remember, the users that you get on the manufacturers forums are very, very picky about the minimalist things. If you go by the manufacturers forums, you will never find a good computer.

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Re: Yoga 2 Pro returned. Worth to try again?

2014-01-03, 17:06 PM

Mine is perfect, first time out.  Wouldn't trade it.

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