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Yoga 2 Pro screws falling out



My yoga 2 pro has had some of the screws that hold the base together fall out. I have lost two and I just managed to cacth the third.


Issue is they are pentalope. Where can I get replacement screws and a pentalope screwdriver from? Anyone know the spec of the screws? Lenovo lists these in the manual:

FRU                                                                   P/N             CRU ID.
VIUU3 Screw M M 2.0D 4.5L K 3.5D 0.5T         90204415    N
VIUU3 SCREW M M 2.0D 4.5L K 4.5D 0.7T     90204416     N
VIUU3 SCREW M M 2.0D 2.5L K 3.5D 0.3T      90204417    N
VIUU3 SCREW M M 2.0D 2.0L K 6.5D 0.7T       90204418   N
VIUU3 SCREW M M 2.0D 3.5L K 3.5D 0.7T      90204419    N
VIUU3 SCREW M M 2.0D 2.5L K 5.0D 0.5T       90204420   N
VIUU3 SCREW M M 2.0D 3.0L K 3.5D 0.5T       90204421   N
VIUU3 SCREW M M 2D 5.0L K 3.5D 0.7T         90204422    N
VIUU3 SCREW M M 2.0D 1.7L K 3.5D 0.3T      90204423    N
Fanfold Paper
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Everything we know so far about the loose screw problem, including replacement screw sizes

I had enough of the "loose screws" threads all over this forum. So, here is a summary of everything we know so far in the forums about the "loose screws" problem on Yoga laptops (definitely Yoga 2 Pro, possibly others): There IS a problem; Lenovo denies it and will refuse warranty claims of damage RESULTING from screws falling out; prior to any damage, Lenovo WILL replace the screws in-warranty but you have to mail in the laptop; Lenovo WON'T mail you screws unless you escalate and get someone nice, in which case it's been known to happen; YES you can just buy replacement screws and screw them in.

Here is the exact screw you want:

It is a "wafer head" torx M2 screw, with a 4.5mm length. In one thread, a guy got an M2 screw with 5mm length at a hardware store and said it worked, and another got a 5mm at, and the hardware manual specifies 5mm, but the 5mm ones have a different screwhead, and I measured mine and if you want to be 100% precise it is in fact 4.5mm long. (You measure from the base of the head down to the end.)

Here is the exact screwdriver you need:
It is a torx T5. It usually comes in a kit of several, like in the above link. Search if you want to find other brands and options; this was just the cheapest one I found.

If you want to add locking compound to keep the screws in a little longer, this is the cheapest I found:
You want Loctite 242 or 222, or some other brand equivalent. Some folks recommend 222 because it has slightly less locking strength, but a) it's twice as expensive, and b) haven't we already established we need MORE locking strength?

Here are all the forum threads I found after a quick search:

User complains of the screws falling out and finds a list of screws in a manual, which isn't that helpful since it doesn't say which is which:

User has screws all out, gives up and sends it in for warranty repair. When it happens again, he escalates case and gets screws sent to him:

User discovers and orders replacements:

User's entire laptop case splits due to loose screw, Lenovo makes him pay for it anyway:

User complains about loose screws:


Hope that helps!


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