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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga 3 11 high temperature with light usage



I have Yoga 3 11 with Core M proceesor. Recently I observed high temperatures o CPU when I just surf the internet, watch a youtube etc. Temperature goes up to 85-90 C degree. Its very hot touch, in the processor area. In task meneger I didnt see any suspicous things, CPU usage is normal. From time to time I use Throttle Stop to prevent BDPROHOT throttling cpu clock to 500 MHz but even with throttle, temp are high. What is the case? I have Windows 10 with FCU update.

Token Ring
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Re: Yoga 3 11 high temperature with light usage

I have the same laptop. I immeditely noticed that Web-page scrolling, web-video and youtube in Chrome generates a lot of heat on this laptop, pushing it ever closer to throttling. So I tend to used Edge for websites with video and youtube, which generates less heat.


Whenever I wish to do CPU intensive photo or video work on this laptop, I plonk it on a usb powered cooling tray and even add a flexible USB fan to the fray for GPU intensive gaming such as Flight Simulator X, which works a treat, but ironically increases the thickness of the ultra-portable laptop by a factor of 10!


I haven't tried Throttle Stop yet but I am aware of it.


If your CPU usage is normal but you are getting high temperatures, then I would be tempted to suspect that the GPU is being heavily used, perhaps by some plugin of your browser for adverts/videos, or perhaps flash, etc. Maybe you could try diabling all plugins, disable flash, and install adblockplus or something similar to see if that makes any difference.

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