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Punch Card
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Yoga 3 14 replacement parts....

Hi Folks,


 I was a bit of dumbass over the summer and spilled a small amount of whiskey on my system and killed the keyboard; Not a huge deal as I usually leave the system hooked up to my tv and use a remote keyboard, and when I use it mobile, I can use the onscreen keyboard, although this last is a bit of a pain..


 I've tried contacting encompass but they don't seem to sell replacement keyboards; does anyone happen to know where else actually sells replacement keyboards. Biggest problem seems to be that it's a standard Canadian/Bilingual keyboard. I'm able to find US keyboard replacements, but the layout is different so won't fit with the current top plate, and I'd much rather avoid have to replace the whole thing (20$ keyboard vs something like $160 for keyboard and top plate....)


 Any help would be appreciated, but if I cant actually find something that should be a relatively easy part to replace, this will be my last Lenovo item unfortunately.

Steph S.


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