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What's DOS?
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Yoga 3 - BCMWL63A.SYS crashes

My Yoga 3 keeps giving blue screen of death ("BSOD") and the root cause is the BCMWL63A.SYS driver from Broadcom (WiFi driver). It's easy to replicate by putting a heavy load on the WiFi adapter (torrent downloads, or similar actions where there will be lots of simultaneous TCP or UPD connections active). Crashes however happen sometimes without putting a heavy load on the adapter.


I've got the newest driver found, version 7.35.307.0 (which is over 6 months old now).


This really is a deal killer, BSOD comes out of the blue (pun intended); Sometimes the yoga 3 just goes black, and only way to turn it back on is the hardware reset button - and I assume this might be caused by the same driver. Or not? In any case, BCMWL63A.SYS has some pretty critical bug in it. Been googling my a** off for a solution, can see others are experiencing it too - but nowhere I could find a solution for this... So, trying to see if someone here can help...


Anyone else ran into this issue, and found a way to work around it?



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