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Yoga 3 Cracked Screen

I have had my Yoga Pro 3 for four days and the screen cracked.  I did not drop it or damage it, it just happened upon opening.  Customer Service is less than helpful and kept telling me it was my fault.

They said they will send a technician out for $169 plus the cost of the screen which they could not give me a price on.  They wanted my credit card number up front.  If I can find a way to return it, I will.

I think it is sad that they will not stand behind their product.  I paid over $1600 for this, and for it to crack in four days is unacceptable.

I will not be purchasing Lenovo prodcuts in the future.  Unacceptable and uncaring customer service.  It is as if they simply read from a script.

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Re: Yoga 3 Cracked Screen

Try calling back and ask to speak to a supervisor or lead. This is true with any company you call. If you are not getting the help you believe you should be, always ask for someone higher up the food chain.

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Re: Yoga 3 Cracked Screen

same here.

I had yoga 3 pro for 2 days and the screen cracked.(didn't fall or anything)

lenovo refused to cover the damage and I have to pay for the fix.

very dissapointing

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Re: Yoga 3 Cracked Screen

Where did you buy it from? This doesn't make sense to me. I have bought over a dozen laptops from Best Buy, Amazon and other online stores. Anytime I have had an issue that was not my fault and within the return period, I have taken them back and had them exchanged with no problem. I recently returned a Yoga and a HP Spectre to Best Buy, with no problems from them at all. If you did not drop the device (no dents on the edges) then you should have no problem making an exchange as you should have at least 14-days (or 30 from some retailers) from the time of purchase. 

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Re: Yoga 3 Cracked Screen

The service in my country is not as good. They say it got hit so it's my fault. I did took it with me in a bag(with a sleeve) and opened/closed the lid a lot. If this is the kind of hit it needs to break than it's not okay. Again-it happened after barely two days!
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Re: Yoga 3 Cracked Screen

I am going to tell you about my recent experience with Lenovo customer service all due to a cracked screen.

The event happened one night when my gf and I had gone to bed to watch a movie from my laptop. Laptop had been left closed for some time as we were away for a few days. Usually it stays open and stationary on my desk unless it's in bed movie time.
As I opened the laptop we heard a small crack so we turn on the lights and investigate. We see there's a crack right at the right hand hinge. The crack does not even reach past the black framing onto the screen approx 3cm in length. The touch screen imediatly plays up so I disable it. The crack does not hinder my veiwing at all but I still want to find out if it can be replaced in case the crack gets bigger.

I call lenovo support and tell them the story and ask if the want me to send them a photo and they say this- "Please just send the unit to us so we can inspect it to see whether the damage is from the user or from product malfunction. Please remove all wanted programs, files and folders. We will fix it at no charge if we can assume you have not done anything to it"

I send the laptop and it is recieved by Lenovo support. I recieve an email about updates and so forth.
I wait one week and am wondering what is going on so I call them, they say they have already made a conclusion and I should check my emails in the next day or two with a document. I go check my emails a day later and find they have sent me a bill to fix the unit. I call them back and make a complaint explaining myself thoroughly that in no way did I drop it or open it roughly or anything. I ask how they think I could have damaged it and they simply have no response as there are no drop marks and the machine is in an immaculate condition. They tell me I can make an official complaint and the case will be reviewed. I go ahead with the complaint and wait.

10 days later I call them to see what is going on as I haven't recieved any updates or calls. They tell me they are still firm on their decission and ask me if I would like to pay for it. At this stage I am pretty furious and tell them to send it back. I did not receive any contact via email or phone but they had already made a decision and it was just sitting there waiting for me to call. I then ask if the crack has progressed in the time it has been away with you guys or in transit what do I do, he says "Please open the box on arrival and If the crack has gotten bigger then refuse it and send it back to us and it will be covered under warranty"

5 days later I collect the package and open it at the UPS office. The crack now goes right across the whole screen so I refuse it and send it back.

10 days later I call to see what is going on. The service rep tells me that they are contacting with UPS to see if the carrier will cover the cost of the damage and I should call back in 2 days.

2 days later I call back and they inform me that if I want the screen fixed I still have to pay for it. They say that the courier says that if there was a crack and there still is a crack it doesn't matter even if it is bigger in size.
The frustration is at an all time high by this point but I keep my cool and tell them to just send it back to me with the fully cracked screen.

End point- Lenovo's customer service was unbelievably time consuming due to lack of communication and incompetence. The only time I recieved any updates was when I first sent the laptop and after that nothing, which led me to be constantly chasing them. Not once did they call me.
When they told me "I should send the unit back if when opening I see further damage specifically to the screen" was total misinformation which literally wasted my time. It would take me half a day to go all the way to UPS and back on public transport.
I know for certain I didn't drop or damage the unit in any way. Even when they couldn't find any explanation on how it happened they still blamed it on me, the Customer. This makes me believe that the only reason they want you to send your unit in is if they are going to get money somehow whether it be off you or a courier company. If the warranty doesn't cover cracked screens why would they get you to send it in even when you tell them you are not willing to pay for it.

So here I am with my now fully cracked screen due to them or the couriers and 1.5 months of time without a laptop.
Don't waste your time with Lenovo. I'm not saying all their products are terrible infact I think the laptop I have is a great machine. What you should be aware of is the customer service you will recieve if anything like this happens to you be aware of the standard they have. Faulty products by chance which any company can have, the difference is customer service.

Thoroughly dissapointed.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 3 Cracked Screen


I have the exact same issue on my new Yoga 3.

I didn't drop it, no physical sign of damage except I opened it one day and noticed that the screen is cracked on the lower left side right above the leftmost hinged and (funny) under the Lonovo sign.


Laptop works fine, no issue with touch screen

Just sad that my new Laptop which I paid dearly for, is cracked.

Now I have to put a piece of black tape to cover it.

Shame, shame, shame, a beautiful piece of (fragile) engineering.

Before the cracked screen, I used to proudly display my flexible Yoga 3, even at the Apple store while waiting my phone was being serviced.


Now,  I have functional Laptop which I could have gotten at a much lower price.


Oh, I did call customer service, here is my case number _00_53_319 (minus a few number to protect pricacy)

Same script

Send it in and we will tell you (behind closed door with no input from me whether it was my fault, easy to guess the outcome)

I told them that I needed my laptop and asked for other options

Talk about respect for customer's time.

They told me that I could take it to Bestbuy Geek Squad.

I was relief, but when I arrived at BestBuy, the Geek Squad manager told me that warranty code C1, does not cover an outright replacement. Call Lonovo and ask for a return authorization.

Another dissapointment.

Another hour or so wasted.

So, the Lonovo tech didn't know about the warranty code or he just wanted kick the can, sorry, kick me down the road.


Well, I am typing this review on my cracked Yoga 3, I guess I should be satisfied. Smiley Sad

I hate when companies don't stand behind their products.

I hate being the victim.


What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 3 Cracked Screen

I have the same problem with Yoga 3 Pro-1370. The crack is in the upper left corner. Can be seen only at a sharp angle and only when it is turned on. It was definitely NOT dropped, hit, etc. Their authorized center (not Lenovo) called me back telling me Lenovo does not cover it since they consider any crack a physical damage. Yet, they do not see any sign of damage, just the crack. Lenovo Chat Services told me the same thing. I asked them to show me where the Base Warranty says "cracked is considered as physical damaged on the machine". They emailed me the Warranty. Of course there is no such thing there. All it says is that "failure or damage resulting from misuse or abuse" is not covered. When I asked for a definition of what they consider damage or misuse, their response was "We don't have a list that will tell what are physical damages, what's misuse, abuse or something like it". I responded that in absence of any evidence of any dent, hit or anything else (which is confirmed by their local authorized repair center, TechNet), it is their manufacturing or design problem, probably internal tension in some units. They boast that the Yoga is "exceptionally thin and light". Obviously, cracks happen also at no fault of the user. They recognize themselves since if one gets their Extra Warranty, they cover it. Using the fingers on a touch screen obviously is not a misuse, since it is designed for it. If Lenovo had written in the warranty, or in the sales videos, etc. "While this machine has a touch screen, using it as such with your fingers will void your Warranty", that would be a different story. They should acknowledge a clear fact that their products just like anybody's products do break down for no fault of the user. No manufacturer is 100% perfect, but that is essentially what Lenovo is telling us. I would appreciate Lenovo's response, if that is at all possible.
What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 3 Cracked Screen

We had the exact same experience with my wife's Yoga 3 Pro. She closed it on her desk in the evening after finishing with her work and upon normally opening it the very next morning, heard the screen crack.


Lenovo's customer support here in South Africa has taken the same stance as other users have reported in this thread (and others) and does not want to cover the repair under warranty, stating that it was caused by mechanical damage due to careless use (forceful opening/closing of the lid, or something pressing down hard on the lid, or the screen being closed onto some object lying on the keyboard, NONE OF WHICH HAPPENED!).


It is fairly obvious that there is a manufacturing/design defect here. The Yoga 3 Pro's screen assembly is VERY flimsy and basically relies on the thin plastic lid + LCD + touch digitizer to give structural rigidity to the screen assembly as a whole. Normal opening and closing the lid visibly flexes the screen, except when handling it by the exact geometric middle of the screen's top edge (and even then, it is bowing the screen assembly around the middle axis). Clearly the glass is not up to the task of repeated flexinig and, given the right conditions and number of opening and closing cycles, it will eventually crack.


Considering the high cost of this notebook ($1200 here in South Africa) and the expense of an additional 2 year warranty extension that apparently does not cover design/manufacturing defects, we are extremely dissatisfied with our first experience of owning a Lenovo product. Based on our personal customer experience I would not advise anybody to buy Lenovo products. Rather go with a company that has good customer service (e.g., DELL) and have the peace of mind that you will be taken care of if their product fails to live up to reasonable expectations.


I mean, honestly, Lenovo does not even care to comment on these posts. Disappointing.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 3 Cracked Screen

Unfortunately I have not heard of a successful outcome for this issue from any of the victims.

Lenovo is cowering behing technical and legal gargon to further abuse its customers.


I honesly love my Yoga 3, but it has been over a year and I am still walking around with a cracked screen.
Thankfully the crack did not grow, the glass shattered and small pieces begin to fall off.

Time to bring out the duck tape for my $1200+ Laptop.


Shame on you Lenovo (Customer nonSupport)


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