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Yoga 3 Pro 1370 Who is happy with this product? I'm not

I'm just curious to the opinion of other users of the Yoga 3 Pro 1370. I bought this laptop almost 3 years ago and have had so many trouble with it. I'm really not happy at all with the product and the support of Lenovo. 


3 years ago I bought the most expensive version for 1800 USD.


Within one year the battery is not working in a right way more only 5% left of its capacity

The bluetooth is not working anymore

The WiFi adaptor is not working anymore I use external WiFi adaptor now to have acces to the internet

Have had nummerous problems wit the HiFi  AUX not working anymore

Have had so many problems with windows 10 did over 10 new installations because of the famous blue screen. So I did get back to Windows 8.1

The cooler fan is making noice constantly

And since yester USB ports not working anymore. So I don't have excess to the internet anymore because the WiFii adaptor is not working I need USB for that

I con not back up my data anymore becayse USB is not working anymore.


Every Problem I described above I have searched on the internet and many people with a Yoga 3 Pro encountered the same problems. So far I never received an solution from Lenovo Support.


I'm so sich and tired from this comapany and it's products and it's support.


18oo usd down the drain in 3 years and a lot of stress ....


I hate it


What are your experiences Yoga 3 Pro users?





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