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Blue Screen Again
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Yoga 3 Pro-1370 black screen but works on external TV

Hello everyone. 


I enjoyed this laptop for about three years now, and couple of weeks ago it went on almost-black screen at startup; power and keyboard lights were the only sign of residual life. First reaction was panic... 200gb of photos and other personal docs were stored there!


I've been reading so many posts about Lenovo laptops with similar black screen issues and tried multiple resolutions getting no success. Here it is a summary of my laptop’s symptoms and what I’ve learned so far:


- the screen flashes once on start up showing the Lenovo logo very quickly, then it get definitely black (actually backlight seems on and I can adjust brightness, but no content at all). This occurs both when plugged in and on battery power. 

- no content is visible on the screen in any situation, either in a dark room or shining a bright light into it. 

- I disassembled the mainboard and the LCD connector seemed correctly installed.

- I disconnected the battery and repeatedly discharged any residual energy by pushing the power button up to a minute, with and without battery / power cable connected.

- I finally connected the laptop to a TV via the micro-hdmi port and was very happy to see the output display there, so could realize that the laptop still works and SSD/data were safe!! Of course the laptop’s screen remains black...

- I then tried refreshing the video drivers and removing the latest Windows updates, but no change on the blind screen.

- I failed to restart the laptop in safe mode or going into BIOS as the screen goes duplicated into the TV from Windows log-on only. 

- however I managed to startup few Ubuntu sessions restarting the laptop on an USB flash key. The laptop screen remains black while the laptop works perfectly on the TV (same as Windows’: duplicated, extended or single monitor). 

- changing screen resolution and refresh rate, the laptop’s screen flashed very quickly and I could see the Ubuntu red wallpaper for a fraction of a second. 


You can see few pics and videos at this link:


At this point, I don’t know further checks I can perform and I’m not sure of the real issue; however I’m inclined to think it should not be a driver / OS issue while it’s likely to be an HW issue: it might be either an issue with the motherboard, the screen LCD display, the cable connecting the two, or what else?


I’m not a deep expert so I’m open to any suggestion to fix it, possibly by myself as clearly it’s out of warranty coverage and I have no clue of Lenovo service centers any close to my own town. 


Appreciate any help - thank you very much!



Blue Screen Again
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎04-07-2018
Location: IT
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro-1370 black screen but works on external TV

For everyone interested, I resolved the issue by replacing the LCD panel ... no idea why it failed. 

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