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Yoga 3 Pro - Accessing BIOS, boot menu and System Recovery

The following tutorial will explain the following topics


  1. How to access the BIOS Setup
  2. Choosing a boot menu
  3. Start a system recovery

It is not the idea to explain every single option of the above, since many of them are complex and it would be too extensive for such a tutorial like this. 


To execute any of the tasks above you need to press the button marked with the red arrow in the picture below:




Press the button when the Y3P is off! Use a small pointing device, I use the tablet pen of one of my Thinkpad tablets


Once you press the button you will be presented with the following screen:




Use the cursor keys to move up and down, press Enter to choose an option.


1) BIOS Setup


The BIOS is where you can get technical information about your device, as well to change boot parameters and setting up security passwords. Be very careful when changing certain values, since it can affect the way the Y3P works and/or affect performance and security settings.


Information Screen


It gives the hardware details of the Y3P, like CPU, installed RAM, SSD capacity and so on. This is a display only screen, no settings can be changed here:




Configuration Screen


Time and date can be changed in this screen. Furthermore to deactivate the Wireless LAN and enable the Intel Virtual Technology. If you plan to use Virtual Machine software in your Y3P this setting must be enabled




Passwords can be set up in this section. Secure Boot settings can be changed here.


Primarily designed to protect users from rootkits and other malware attacks by blocking unauthorized executables and drivers from being loaded during the boot process, it must be deactivated if you plan to install Linux or having paralel operating systems




Boot Screen


Boot modes can be selected in this screen, you can disable booting from a USB stick or from a network for example




2) Boot Menu


This option is useful if you have Linux installed (using managers like LILO, GRUB, etc).


If you only use Win8 or higher there 's no much you can change.




3) System Recovery


This option will allow you to restore the system to either its factory setup, or to a previous backup done within Windows


A factory set up will leave the Y3P as it was shipped from Lenovo your private data and installed apps and/or programs will be wiped out. So make sure you have an external backup before such a reset







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ddm9211 On 2015-01-01, 18:14 PM

OK article. Doesn't answer my questions.

Jrezky On 2015-07-09, 10:58 AM

What was yor question? From what I can tell the post was made to answer its own questions.

khuran On 2016-02-20, 0:23 AM

On my Y700 the NOVO button makes my notebook go into an infinite reboot loop.  Is there other function keys that can get me to enter BIOS?

KathyAllen On 2016-06-19, 15:28 PM

This was very helpful.  Thank you. Found the bios button and changed what I needed to change. 

symcbean On 2016-12-29, 22:47 PM

Current Redhat, Fedora and Ubuntu Linux distributions come with kernel loaders signed by Microsoft - so you don't need to disable "Secure" boot if you are trying to install one of these. I've recently done exactly that on a 510.


Sadly there seems to be no option to add your own keys to the firmware, but at least there is an option to disable  this silly bit of functionality.

Rf1 On 2017-03-09, 16:34 PM

I received the following.  Default Boot Device Missing or Boot failed. Insert recovery media and hit any key. Then select Boot manager or to Boot recovery media. Lenovo yoga 3 pro.

I need help. Thanks

alexander_diaz On 2017-03-22, 3:41 AM

tengo un lenovo yoga 300 que funciona sin disco duro por que alguien save


SUMMERtime On 2017-07-01, 4:16 AM

I have a yoga 70014ISK that gave me 0xc000025. I reached the window you posted, however my question is will my computer start working if it is set to ( Restore from initial back up? Geek Squad told me they would have to wipe my YOGA and reinstall Windows 10. Please HELP! 

kafsabizarin On 2017-08-04, 6:14 AM

Hi, I've had this version of Twin that solved with your help Errors like the laptop model, but this is a mistake Itسنگسابی کفسابی ساختمان کفساب شستشوی نما پیچ رولپلاک نما happened that you did not hurt at the text that hit me so much Also, in most cases, there is an empty space between the rocks, which is also solved by deformation and landing.

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