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Re: Yoga 3 Pro, Not charging...

I am now having the exact same problem.


Note there is another topic with this issue, and no Lenovo staff have opined there:

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro Battery Charging Problems

Amy_Lenovo has provided a number of things to check - quite rightly.


However, her list is almost exclusively about hardware topics; most of these on the external power side.

The Lenovo team seems still after amny weeks in denial about the most likely cause - Lenovo software.  OKO is the most likely culprit here.


Any other views?

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Re: Yoga 3 Pro Battery Charging Problems

I called tech support about the issue. After several steps, they deemed it necessary to replace the battery. I have a new battery now and the problem has gone away. The real question though is whether the problem was actually the battery, or the cable connection as discussed by others.


Such high hopes with this laptop, yet I wish now that I had never bought it! As soon as a lightweight Broadwell U ultrabook is available, I will get that and try to sell the yoga 3 pro while it retains some value.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro Battery Charging Problems

Dear Lenovo,


Since I have a question not related but not limited to battery, as this is one thread where Lenovo staff are providing technical assistance, I would like to post my question here. My brand new Yoga Pro 3 (less than a week), laptop number 4 (in a month) has not switched on twice with battery stand alone. Only where the ac adapter is plugged in does it start. Could this be a battery problem?


Would appreciate the advice.



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Re: Yoga 3 Pro Battery Charging Problems

Hello everyone,


I thought I would share some learnings with my charger, and see if your experiences are the same.


My charger was not charging the Y3P at all. After doing some testing, I isolated the issue down to the power brick. The issue was that there was some play on the prongs that prevented the circuit from being complete. Applying some soft pressure to the brick to slightly angle it in the wall would cause the charger to work.


If you can, check to see how much rotary play there is on the prongs in the brick. If it doesn't feel firm, this may be the issue.


All I know is that the Y3P requires a solid connection in order to establish the handshaking to get 20V into the unit. In my scenario, the brick had too much play, and the connection wasn't consistent until I bent the brick as much as 10 degrees once plugged into the recepticle (DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMENDED).

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Re: Yoga 3 Pro Battery Charging Problems

Based on my experience with this battery issue i'm pretty sure its software related. Something to do with the charging app. I remember it saying something about did I want to stop charging as my usage habit was always using it plugged in. Then no matter what I did it would not charge. I remember unplugging the cable to let the battery die and it instantly died as if it was a Desktop PC.

Not sure what I changed after the reboot, but I now charge again and can switch between both the full and 60% charge settings.

Hope this helps some.
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro Battery Charging Problems

I have a version of the intermittently will not charge issue.  I have pinpointed the issue, but not gotten a solution.


In my case, the issue is the power adapter, specifically the flip-out prongs for 110AC.  The internal connection of these prongs inside the power adapter block are flaky.  They are loose and  will only make a connection in one specific position.  If any wiggle is done on them, they will loose connection and stop charging.  It is so bad that it will not work plugged into any wall outlet.  I've gotten it to work on an outlet that is horizontal, on the floor, or by plugging in an extension cord, so there is no gravitational pull on the prongs.


I purchased the unit at Best Buy, and they would not replace the power cord, even though under warrantee and with an extended service contract..... go figure.

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Re: Yoga 3 Pro Battery Charging Problems

I have contacted rustycamarillo about his charger.


Is anyone else experiencing a loose charging connection from wall sockets or other electrical sources?


Thank you,

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Re: Yoga 3 Pro Battery Charging Problems

A BIOS to improve charging is in the works and will hopefully be released by the end of May.


I am still looking for assistance with adapters that have loose prongs. If you are able to help, please message me.

Token Ring
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro Battery Charging Problems

Amy, today I plugged my Y3P into charge and it isn't charging.  It says my battery is good and it is charging but it is staying at 0%.  Is this the problem that the BIOS update is going to correct?

Untill then I guess I'll just have to leave it in when I'm using it.



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