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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro - Touchpad not working/Cursor disappeared

As an update to this.. I ended up doing a windows reinstall (with delete all data files option, just the windows files option wasnt enough) and the trackpad returned to life. The driver installed by windows this time was Synaptics Pointing Device, from January 2018. 

It worked like a charm, until today (one month later), when the cursor is gone after coming back from sleep. No mice in the device manager and one I2C HIC device cannot start.

The Additional Mouse Options -> Mouse Properties show no Hardware and a Driver 'Elan Touchpad'.

There are no windows updates  for the past few days, so I can only imagine that Lenovo vantage messed it up somehow trying to update the drivers..

In the meantime the device page on the lenovo site still shows the same 2015 driver as the only one for this device... amazing support  Smiley Happy

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro - Touchpad not working/Cursor disappeared


I just had the same problems and tried some hints from this thread. Thanks for the inspiration Smiley Happy

Just uninstalling the usb host controller didn't work for me. So I simply tried to uninstall more...

-The I2C device with the attention sign

-The intel usb 3.0 extensible host controller

-And an HID conform device (from vendor) - i've just translated this from my german version...

after a restart my touchpad worked again. I just had to install the synaptic driver then, to use multitouch-functions again.


maybe this could help someone with this strange problem... Smiley Happy

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro - Touchpad not working/Cursor disappeared

I have the exact same problem as everyone else in this thread with an added twist: I'm running Linux. That means the problem is not with Windows, or with the device drivers (since those will also be different in Linux). The issue must be a hardware issue, and that seems to fit well with the HID descriptor errors that show up in Device Manager (or in dmesg for Linux users).


My next steps, and what I recommend to anyone else with this problem:

  • Update your BIOS if it isn't already. There's a chance this could fix the problem. If you're running Windows this will be a lot easier for you since Lenovo decided to only release their BIOS flash utility for Windows, so I have to format my entire drive, reinstall Windows, flash my BIOS, reinstall Linux and hope to God that fixes it. 
  • Contact Lenovo and mention this thread, which indicates there is a widespread problem with the device's hardware. They may be able to fix it if you send it in, especially if it's still under warranty. If it is under warranty, I would highly recommend returning this laptop completely and demanding a refund since this is a known issue and they'll likely just give you the same model laptop back, which will have the same problem.

Updating your drivers or reinstalling Windows is not going to fix this problem, but some people might belive they've fixed it by doing that because the problem is very intermittent. After a reboot my touchpad has magically started worked for weeks at a time before breaking again.


All-in-all I'm feeling really frustrated and I feel the same as other users on this thread. This is a very expensive laptop, it shouldn't have these crippling issues.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro - Touchpad not working/Cursor disappeared

I finally got mine working again by downloading the Lenovo System Update, updating my BIOS, then downloading the touchpad driver.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro - Touchpad not working/Cursor disappeared

Thanks! Your solution solved my problem with the touch pad too. Vantage really seems to cause more inconvience in my opinion. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro - Touchpad not working/Cursor disappeared

I have fought with this issue since my Y3P first got updated to Win10. I've fresh-installed Windows twice but the problem always comes back. It's pretty random when it happens, but it's usually after it wakes from sleep.  I went through all the device manager and driver installation tricks aa million times with mixed success.  THE PROBLEM ALWAYS COMES BACK!!!


I think I've pinpointed the issue: the UpperFilters value in the following registry key keeps getting corrupted.



It won't look corrupted, it'll show "mouclass" like it's supposed to, but it's invisibly borked. If you open the key and clear out "mouclass" then re-open it and type "mouclass" back in, then reboot, your touchpad will work (until it inevitably gets corrupted again).  I don't know why it's getting corrupted but I'd guess it's a bug in the TP driver.


Anyway, I made a "fix" that's really more of an automated workaround. It seems to be working for me most of the time.


It's just a simple script that deletes the above value and re-enters it. I use a scheduled task (included) to have it run on startup, shutdown, sleep & wake. Extract the linked zip file to c:\syntp-fix\ and import the scheduled task using Windows task scheduler and the "fix" should be in place. Best case scenario it prevents the corruption from affecting you; worst case is it fixes the problem with just a reboot.


Follow the README.txt instructions to automate it with Task Scheduler.


You can also run the batch file "fix-syntp.bat" manually and then reboot to revive the TP.


Hopefully this helps somebody. 



You can look at it in a text editor if you're worried about any added any funny business- it only has a few lines and imports data from 2 very small .reg files, so there's no danger.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro - Touchpad not working/Cursor disappeared

Over 3 years of follow up i had found the reason for the touch pad failure. This is not due to windows10 updates or yoga pro3.

It is due to antivirus software which changes the upper filter of the registry. See my screenshots!This process is applicable for synoptics touch pad on hid devices..

steps1. Remove antivirus software completely.

step 2. Activate window security essentials ( is providing good anti virus software free)

step3 .  Run windows update and see whether you have latest driver for synoptics ( aug 2105 ).

step4. RESTART!

Please do not try to tinker registry editor . The screen shot is given for verification only.

Cheers! NEVER try AVAST free  or AVG free.. (Ok with Norton.)

Step4. REstart.SynTP kbdclass.jpgkeyboard and touch padmouclass.jpgmouse

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro - Touchpad not working/Cursor disappeared

I don't think this is a solution for me. I allready use MS Defender with windows 10 and the problem exists anyway. Only temp. solution is to uninstall several hid drivers and reboot immediately (as I wrote earlier). I'm not sure if the problem has something to do with standby or hypernate mode...

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro - Touchpad not working/Cursor disappeared

My BIOS shows as A6CN58WW


Seems like its newer but I'm not sure



What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro - Touchpad not working/Cursor disappeared

I had the same problem. 

I did two things.

1) Installed Touchpad Driver from lenovo site.

2) Went to my Device Manager disabled the driver which had yellow triangle. Then enabled it. 


It worked for me (Atleast for now.)

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