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What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro processor runs slow

There's another fix - if you go into the bios menu, and exit without changes, the processor "resets" itself back to normal speed. I suspect the issue is that it gets "locked" into a slow speed after sleep.

Token Ring
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro processor runs slow

I survive with a Core M processor Lenovo Yoga by doing the following:

As the CPU gets hotter it slows down, so keep the CPU cool. I do this by using Balanced power setting or by using simple cooling techniques - pop four or so dice underneith the laptop to get some convection cooling going. Or buy an inexpensive fan-equipped laptop board. Or buy an inexpensive silent USB fan with a flexible neck

Use Edge and not Chrome for streaming video such as YouTube, as it uses more GPU and less CPU and hence runs cooler, faster, and smoother.

I recommend that you go into settings and choose which apps can run in the background. No point letting pointless apps use the CPU when you are not using them.


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro processor runs slow

I think this is  a design failure. I too have this problem. If I plug in and run in performance mode it will run almost as good as my 10 yo Dell 700m running XP.   Ran benchmark it was slower than my mother-in-laws Dell running an old Celeron.

Should have returned this the minute I realized how bad it was. No way to upgrade the processor on these? Mine looks brand new cause I never used it due to its slow speed.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro processor runs slow

HERE IS SOLUTION for Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro slow core-m processor.


Go to Bios and disable DPTF 

(go to Bios by turning PC off, then press small recovery button on right edge of laptop)


(Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework is a "solution to help enable thin, quiet, and cool platform designs". But as we can see it works awful)


Your laptop will be much hotter, but it will work like a normal PC, capable of playing video on YouTube in Chrome 1080p 60 fps (on high performance mode, which you can choose clicking on battery icon in tray)


Before disabling:

Frequency on high load drops to 0.5 - 0.8 GHz, CPU usage stays on 20-70%. Laptop slows down extremely and become unusable. Can barely play any youtube video, extremly slow.


After disabling:

Frequency on high load stays on 1 - 2.6 GHz, CPU usage up to 100%. Laptop works as a normal PC, never slowing down. The bottom cover of the laptop becomes hot.


also i updated bios, not sure if it works on previous bios version.

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