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What's DOS?
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Yoga 3 Pro screen turn off after 30 seconds

My relatively new Yoga 3 Pro (4 months old) inbuild screen goes blacl/turns off after 30 seconds unless I am activity typing or moving the mouse around.  The screen still seems to be on and I can see the back-light but the screen is completely black.  I have to hit a key or click the trackpad for it to come back on.  This happens no mattter what program/app I am using or even if I am just displaying the desktop.  It will even happen when viewing youtube videos or reading a pdf.   While I have not tried it, I am pretty sure it it will do this when doing a presentation unless I move through the slides within 30 seconds.  I have adjuster the timer for the screen to turn off in Power & System settings (tried everything from 2 min to never for both battery and plugged-in) and have disabled Harmony Paper Display (using the Fn+Esc)  with no effect.   The screen just goes black after 30 seconds no matter what I do.  Does anyone know how to stop this from happening.This is really annoying and pretty much makes the computer useless for work.    

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 3 Pro screen turn off after 30 seconds

Did you ever find a solution to this?  I have the same thing happening and nothing I do in the power settings make any difference.  It happens to laptop display or if I am plugged into an external monitor.

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