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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga 500 14ISK Battery not Charging and Bios Update Problem

Hi my friends, before I say what is the problem and which process I passed last few weeks.


My computer model is Yoga 500 14ISK. 3 months ago it started not charging battery and I think that is just self protection for battery and I didn't care for 2 months, because I wasn't using battery anyway.


But But when I search internet few weeks ago I realize that is a system problem. Also after decrease to %0 and  when I plug in the electricity, it wouldn't let me open computer at least 10-15 minutes. Then I started to search solutions. These are what I did so far:


First, I check battery if it is okey, and because of only 2 years old laptop and I didn't use battery so much it says battery is healthy like new one.


Second, I found the lenovo optimizer program and try the calibrate the battery, I started program and wait for 8 hours. At the and it said unsuccessfull and also said battery not detected.


Then finally, I think maybe it is because of bios update needed and I was correct. 11 April 2018, Lenovo announced a new BIOS update for this kind of YOGA series laptop, Which is must be good for me, and must solve the problem. Here is the following lenovo support link explain what was the problem and information about BIOS update:


But the real problem is when I try to update new BIOS vesion the system gave me this error:


Error: not enough battery life. Current: 0, threshold: 30

ERROR 220 - Failed at power status check! Status = 223.


What I understand is, because of my battery has %0 charge and I need at least %30 charge for BIOS update, system is not updating BIOS version.


Before you suggest that my battery is not removable and I cannot reach unless if I remove all laptop. And also I cannot charge the battery because it is not possible as far as I know (Of course if there are other ways I am open the suggestion ).


So where I stand is and main question that; how can update new BIOS version while I have %0 charge without any error.



Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 500 14ISK Battery not Charging and Bios Update Problem


I had exactly the same problem. The only difference is I have a 14ISK. 

I was able to run the BIOS update but it did not make a difference.


I have bought a new charger(power supply) and a new battery and neither or them charge.


The batteries do not lose power as long as I am plugged in, but they never charge. 


What next?

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 500 14ISK Battery not Charging and Bios Update Problem

I had the same problem. I had to dissasembly the laptop, take of the battery and charge the battery (every cell) by external source. After I charge cells to cca 70 percent of capacity, I gave the battery back to the laptop. Laptop indicate the battery and allowed to update the BIOS. Now the laptop charge the battery itself, but work only if the adapter is plug in :/

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 500 14ISK Battery not Charging and Bios Update Problem


I have very similar problem, the charger  shows the sign "charging - not charging" randomly. Change the status every 1-2 seconds.

Sometimes it stops this starnge behavior and starts to charge as it should be. 

When it was charged about 90%, I did your reccomendation: updated the BIOS acording the link you advised. 

Unfothunally, the problem didn't solved after te Update. The Laptop is two years old.

I will be glad if you have more experience and can advise me another solution.


Thank you

Best regards


What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 500 14ISK Battery not Charging and Bios Update Problem

Thanks for this solution,


I have the same issue,


May I ask how you charged Cell by Cell?


 black cable is Ground and Red is VCC , what about the other colors?



I think the laptop Charging protection Stopped charging the battery as battery life is Sensor gone faulty,





Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 500 14ISK Battery not Charging and Bios Update Problem

I tried all ways for solution, then I accepted that I have to give the computer to the technical services.


They told me that it could be only battery problem and if it is than I need to pay only battery price.


But also they said that I am not the first one who has this problem and generally the problem is in the motherboard and it cost almost more than half of computer price.


As a solution I am still open all kind of solution but right now I accepted my situation and learn to live like that.


I also lerarned hard way that I WİLL NEVER EVER AGAIN BUY A LENOVO PRODUCT IN MY LİFE!!!!!!


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