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Paper Tape
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Yoga 500-14ISK - Black Screen When Opening Lid Back Up After Sleep Mode



I bought Lenovo Yoga 500-14ISK (i7 6200, 8GB RAM, 1TB, 2GB Nvidia). Machine performance is not as good what the specs looks. Machine took quite long to startup initally, when you close lid the machine goes into standby/sleep mode but upon opening the lid machine doesnt show up anything on screen and BIOS setting shows System Memonry a RAM as 0MB.


This machine has already been replaced once as it was brand new and found these issues 2 days after buying, they gave me a new machine but new also has same issues. I updated all drivers, windows update and even tried one key recorvery (also windows 10 reset - remove everything). But problems remained same.


Upon searching found that it was issues with other Yoga 500 machines too had same issues and there were some URGENT BIOS fixes. Being techinical guy at first thought did not try using the BIOS utility on this machine as model number were different (In list of machine supported this machine was listed). After trying hands on other solutions, I tried running the BIOS utility and it failed (as expected - This BIOS utility is not for this model).


I can take machine back to retailer but know the problem even if they give me new machine again will have the problem in that too.


The BIOS update are not available for this machine is huge disappointment. Even when tried reaching the LENOVO support in UAE no solution was provided (as they redirected to local service center  which I dont want to go as they will also endup with same solution additionaly they will take forever to revert back.


Moderator note: edited subject to match content.  Was:  Ideapad 500S - ...

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 500-14ISK - Black Screen When Opening Lid Back Up After Sleep Mode

Hi All,


I had also bought the Yoga 500 i7 (14ISK), had same issue of closing the lid sending to sleep.


What I found was that when I booted the machine first time its BIOS was updated from DC25WW to DC27WW which created all the issue. I some how found same machine with older BIOS which was working pefrectly fine.


So I suggest go to below link download and install the latest BIOS i.e. DC28WW as it has resolved my problem


Please have a look at the supported system in list from above link, or else try finding the BIOS for your laptop model.


Hope this helps everyone.




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