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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga 500 'BLACK SCREEN' - BIOS update: "[Important updates] Fix Win 10 lid close black screen issue"


Hi all,
First post! Smiley Happy


My Dad's Lenovo laptop goes to a black screen when starting up, so is unusable.
I haven't seen it in the flesh yet but have started to research things for him and have found that 'black screen' shows up quite a lot for Windows 10 and Lenovo PCs!


We were so impressed with my Dad's PC I've ended up with the same model myself:

Lenovo YOGA 500 Convertible Laptop, Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 15.6" Touch Screen.
Also labelled as: Yoga 500-15IBD Laptop (ideapad) 


I see some people mentioning hardware failures and others device driver problems with the graphic card etc. but haven't read a definite cause/fix for this so far.


I've just found this recent critical BIOS update for this PC which mentions the black screen problem:
Software name: BDCN63WW Version 63
[Important updates] Fix Win 10 lid close black screen issue.

I haven't seen this mentioned in the forums? Has anyone else used this?
If the PC always boots to a black screen I'll obviously have trouble installing this! I'm hoping that it will boot in Safe Mode or I'm going to have some trouble installing it?!


I don't know whether to install the BIOS update on my own machine which is running fine - I think I'll wait until I see my Dad's laptop first which will be in a few weeks.


Has anyone had any experience of this BIOS update or other comments on this?





Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 500 'BLACK SCREEN' - BIOS update: "[Important updates] Fix Win 10 lid close black scre

I'm still wondering about this...


I've just updated the Lenovo Companion after seeing it mentioned in another thread. It looks like this s/w is supposed to scan the PC and recommend Lenovo updates - critical and nice to have ones.


Initially the Companion was showing a critical update for Lenovo SHAREit and a recommended one for my BIOS. It says I'm currently on BDCN28WW and offered something like v61 and not the 63 I mentioned in my first post?


After letting it update SHAREit and re-scanning the BIOS update is no longer being offered and still shows me on v28 ???


I'm not sure I trust this 'Companion' app!

My laptop seems to be running fine so I don't want to break it updating the BIOS if it's not required. For all I know my Dad's broken one may be broken because it upgraded?!


Does anyone else use/trust the Companion app?
And has anyone else seen it change it's mind on recommended BIOS updates?


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Community Moderator
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Re: Yoga 500 'BLACK SCREEN' - BIOS update: "[Important updates] Fix Win 10 lid close black scre

To be honest, I find the Companion app to be pretty erratic as well. It doesn't always seem to offer up the latest driver updates that are listed on the Support pages.


I would check the version of your Dad's BIOS that is currently installed on his PC. Run msinfo.exe - that will tell you the version. If it's earlier than the version that fixes the black screen issue, then I would certainly try upgrading his BIOS.


If your machine is running well, then I would leave it well alone.


The large print: please read the Community Participation Rules before posting. Include as much information as possible: model, machine type, operating system, and a descriptive subject line. Do not include personal information: serial number, telephone number, email address, etc.


The fine print: I do not work for, nor do I speak for Lenovo. Unsolicited private messages will be ignored. ...

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 500 'BLACK SCREEN' - BIOS update: "[Important updates] Fix Win 10 lid close black scre

Thanks for that - I was beginning to think I was talking to myself... Smiley Happy


The problem with my dad's PC at the moment is it's currently just a blank/black screen on startup. I haven't seen it yet so I'm hoping that I can start in safe mode or hold the power button etc. to get access back so that I can look at the BIOS.


Searching the forum I can see others have to unscrew the back to physically disconnect the battery to get Windows to start. Hopefully I won't have to get involved with that.


It sounds like when it was last shutdown it was doing updates. Then next time it was used is was a blank/black screen.


As you suggest, I think I'll leave my BIOS alone for now.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 500 'BLACK SCREEN' - BIOS update: "[Important updates] Fix Win 10 lid close black scre

I'm seeing the same problem with Windows 10 Pro and Leovo BIOS updates on several models of Lenovo computers including T430's, T450's, T460's and the MiiX-700 tablet computers. When I spoke to Lenovo support about this they asked why I was installing the updates. I thought it was a joke but they were serious. 


In most cases I've learned if you let the computer sit at the black screen for 15 to 20 minutes the desktop icons will appear. In one case it took over an hour. Eventually the computer will slowly become operational. Another thing you can try is to disable (turn off) Windows 10 tips and tricks in the Settings>System>Notifications then restarting. I found this resolved the Windows 10 startup issues on most of the computers....beleive it or not. Not sure what the relationship is but it worked.


Good luck, and when it comes to Lenovo support, luck is about all you can rely on.





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