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Yoga 500: Want to upgrade my HDD to a SSD

Hey guys, 


I want to switch my HDD of my Yoga 500 (14IBD, 8 gb ram) and do a clean install of Windows.

After reading multiple forums, I have decided on the Samsung 860 Evo 250 gb SSD.


Can someone walk me through everything I have to do?


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Re: Yoga 500: Want to upgrade my HDD to a SSD

I'm going to assume you've already researched compatibility with the 500 and that the new SSD is the same size or larger than your existing HDD. If not, that the total amount of space in use on your current HDD is comfortably below the 250G of the SSD. 


Nice thing about Samsung SSDs is they make the process relatively painless. As always, you should start with a conventional backup and image of your hard drive should something go sideways. And, when working inside the computer, observe all the standard precautions.


Samsung will include software to clone your previous hard drive to the new one. Samsung Magician will also inform you if your BIOS is set to the correct mode (ACHI). I do not belive the SSD ships with a USB-to-SATA connector. You'll need one if it doesn't. 


Clone your old drive to the new one using the USB-to-SATA connector. Samsung's software will walk you through that.


EDIT: Just noticed you said "clean install of windows." I've not done that, but here's a good tutorial.


There are YouTube videos that detail the physical part of changing things out. While not on your model, I've probably done 6 or 7 laptops and desktops.. all with Samsung SSDs. Had to change BIOS settings in the older ones. All are still running flawlessly.


You'll install Samsung Magician with the new drive, which will take care of it, basically. Remember to turn off any software that's set to defrag the hard drive as SSDs don't need that. 


I don't know what all you have on your hard drive, but at that size, it might be best to keep data files, elsewhere. The SSDs in my computers are used for the OS and programs only. Pictures, music, movies and other data I keep on thumb drives with copies on a home network server and the really "can't lose" stuff encrypted and copied into the cloud. 


Finally, when all is up and running successfully, put your old drive in an airtight bag with some dessicant and put it in a safe place. Makes a great emergency drive if something should happen (ransomware, etc).  


Good luck. Come back if you have any problems or questions. 

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