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Paper Tape
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Yoga 510-14ISK & SSD



We've a new Lenovo Yoga 510-14ISK and so far, we are happy with its performance. However we miss the quick load times from a SSD drive so our question is:

Can we add a SSD to this laptop? Or can we replace the current hd for a ssd one?


If both aren't possible, can we use an external ssd?


Bit Torrent
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Re: Yoga 510-14ISK & SSD

There is not secondary internal M.2 SSD slots so adding a second SSD is not possible, bit if currently has a SATA 2.5 inch HD, you could certainly replace it with a SATA 2.5 inch SSD (in fact some models of Yoga came configured that way), but to do so would involve removing the back cover, battery and speakers (at least to some degree) to access and remove/replace the drive.


That said, replacing the Hard drive is not considered a Customer replaceable Unit/part (CRU) by Lenovo, so by opening it yourself you could risk voiding your warranty, and with laptops, I woud want my warranty periods long and in force, so check with Lenovo before attempting to open anything up.   Who knows, they might be able to help you out getting it swapped out too.     If there is an authorized Lenovo retailer/shop near you, they might also be able to swap out the drive and image it with your current Windows installation.    If so, you could then put your existing laptop HD into an External USB HD Enclosure and use it as a backup/storage drive.   


Adding an external USB SSD would be no different than just getting a large SD card to store data, and since Windows would still be running off of the internal HD, you would not see the performance gain that I think you are looking for.


FYI    Below are the SSD Drives that could have been installed in that model per the YOGA 510 YOGA 510-14ISK/ YOGA 510-14IKB/ YOGA 510-14AST/ YOGA 510-15ISK/ YOGA 510-15IKB Hardware Mai..., and you will see instruction on removing/replacing the drive on page 44.  


Lenovo Part numbers are in BOLD

11 SSD Samsung MZYLF128HCHP 2.5'' 5mm 128GB SSD 128G SATA SSD(L) 5SD0H45117 

11 SSD MZYTY128HDHP-000L2 2.5'' 128G 5mm SSD 128G SATA SSD(L) 5SD0L14645

11 SSD HFS128G3BMND-3210A 2.5” 5mm 128GB SSD 128G SATA SSD(L) 5SD0K44056

11 SSD MZYTY256HDHP-000L2 2.5'' 256G 5mm SSD 256G SATA SSD 5SD0L14644 

11 SSD CV3-DE256 2.5" 5mm 256G SSD 256G SATA SSD 5SD0L02316 

11 SSD Liteon CV3-DE512 2.5" 5mm 512G SSD 512G SATA SSD 5SD0L02321

11 SSD Samsung MZYLN512HMJP-000L2 2.5'' 512G 5mm SSD 512G SATA SSD 5SD0K93730


Good Luck,

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 510-14ISK & SSD

Thank you so much for this detailed answer.
It has helped us a lot and it's pretty clear right now.

We will try to reach an authorized retailer and check if they can replace it because there's a huge difference.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 510-14ISK & SSD



i was wondering if i can upgrade my lenovo yoga 510-15ISK with ssd disk but m.2 one? does my motherboard has right interface?


i have samsung MZ- NTD2560/0L1  256 GB SSD.


or there is some koverter to do that


something like this



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