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Paper Tape
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Yoga 510-14ISK charging touchscreen touchpad plugged phone problem

Hi, I don't always write on forums cause there is mostly solution to my past problems, but this time the issue I have run into is awkward.

Let me start from beginning:

It was normal day, I was cleaning my laptop(it gets dirty very fast), after that I did my daily work, watched YouTube and etc. Two days later I had to go to another city by train. Trip was a bit long, so I decided to finish my work. At 15 minutes it worked normally, then touchpad started unexpectedly behave. If I just put my finger on it, cursor started going up and down, like on straight line. The same thing happened when I put my finger on screen. I couldn't fix that and gave up.

Next day I started to use my laptop, at first couple of hours it behaved normally, then when I plugged it into socket, it didn't charge (battery precentage remained stable) then it mouse started misbehave(as it was yesterday). I restarted it. Updated BIOS. Nothing changed. Tried to look at process hacker to find smth, but it freezed. Plugged my phone to laptop it started lagging (**bleep**). Thought it was virus rebooted into Ubuntu from USB. Battery still haven't charged, phone still lagging, touchpad fixed a Little bit. Need help.

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