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Punch Card
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Yoga 510, WUXGA resolution for external monitor (1920x1200)

Hi all,


My laptop is a Yoga 510-14ISK, which has an Intel HD Graphics 520 (graphics unit integrated with the Skylake processor) and an AMD Radeon R5 M330 as the PCI-E card. My issue is supporting the full resolution of my external monitor, a BenQ FP241W, which has a native resolution of 1920x1200. The max resolution offered by any of the tools (Windows, Intel and AMD) is 1920x1080. This leaves black bars on the top and bottom of the monitor, which is not only wasted space, but is contributing to the burn-in of my eight-year-old-but-still-working-as-new monitor.


I originally connected the laptop via a Thinkpad USB 3.0 Ultra Dock, which uses USB-C from the laptop and HDMI to the monitor. I discovered, however, that the Intel driver would not detect the monitor this way, or at least it wouldn't list it. The monitor is now plugged directly to the laptop via HDMI.


I assume this is a driver issue, since these modern graphics cards should easily support 1920x1200. If it is, it isn't trivial to solve; I spent hours yesterday trying various things:

  • Exploring the display configurations in Windows 10 (64 bit), the Intel Graphics Control Panel (IGCP), and the Radeon Settings tool. Strangely enough, the latter does not show a “Display” category, which, judging from online screenshots, normally should be there (see attached screenshot). The max I ever get listed is 1920x1080. Attempting to enter a custom resolution of 1920x1200 at 60p in the IGCP gives an error, “The custom resolution exceeds the maximum bandwidth capacity.” This is even with the laptop display turned off. Whatever.
  • Updating the display adapter drivers via Windows’s Device Manager (both Intel and AMD).
  • Updating the monitor driver via Device Manager. Listed as being the most recent version.
  • Installing the monitor driver downloaded from the BenQ website. This monitor is from 2006/2007, and there aren't newer drivers. The INF file explicitly states the max resolution as 1920x1200.
  • Installing the drivers from
  • Installing the Intel driver directly from Intel, via the Intel Driver Update Utility Installer.
  • Installing the AMD driver directly from AMD, via both the minimal setup (web-based installed) and the full-blown 16.7.3 Crimson Edition (354 MB).
  • Uninstalling the Intel driver completely and using only the AMD driver.
  • Using only the external monitor.
  • Installing both the Intel and AMD drivers from the Lenovo support website.
  • After getting errors launching the AMD settings after installing an AMD driver, I ran the AMD cleanup utility. Before installing each driver listed above, I always first uninstalled the previous driver via Control Panel (always without error), and restarted the machine. Though the AMD installations gave no errors, after restarting trying to launch the AMD settings showed that the driver was not loading properly (Code 43 in Device Manager). So I ran the AMD cleanup utility.
  • Reverting to the latest Intel and AMD drivers directly from Intel and AMD, as above.

This laptop is supposed to have switchable graphics, to save power during normal use and switch to high performance when needed. I suppose that could explain why the AMD Radeon Settings does not list a Display category—the IGCP is normally in operation and is allowed to be in control of the resolutions. I tried to find out what explicitly resolutions the Intel 520 supports:



What is the maximum resolution Intel graphics can support?

The maximum amount depends on many factors, such as chipset, monitor capabilities, and manufacturer configurations. Check with your computer and display manufacturers to find out what the maximum resolution is for both the computer and display.


Sadly, the Lenovo online support is not forthcoming on the topic, or at least not easily.


Does anyone else have information or experience on supporting external graphics higher than 1920x1080 with the Yoga 510? I would hate to have to live with these black bars.


Thanks for any help,


Punch Card
Posts: 13
Registered: ‎09-21-2016
Location: CH
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Re: Yoga 510, WUXGA resolution for external monitor (1920x1200)

This thread was under review and when it was approved already appeared on page 2. After waiting the weekend, I am bumping it.

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