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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga 520-14IKB Wi-Fi card upgrade options

Hi guys,
what are my options for upgrading the existing wifi card in my wife's Yoga 520-14IKB (type 81C8)? The current one is a Intel AC 3165 (not bad per se) but i've installed a 160Mhz router and wouldn't mind tunning her Yoga to it (like i did with my Legion which was upgraded to a Intel 9560 from the crappy Realtek it had in it). 

So here comes my dilemma and as far as i've found i can only go a few routes, though i don't know which one is compatible:
1. Intel AC 9260 - my most likely candidate given its 160Mhz compatibility
2. Intel AC 8265 - 2nd best but limited to 80Mhz (though still an upgrade over the existing one)
3. Intel AC 9560 - have no clue if this will work with the Yoga (works flawlessly with the Legion even though it's not speciffically mentioned in the official compatibility list)

I'm leaning towards the 9260 (though wouldn't mind the 9560 if anyone can confirm if it will work) but my confusion comes from 2 pieces of official info i get for this model (as seen attached)
a) the Hardware Maintainance manual for this model in its Parts list mentions the 8265 as compatible
b) the Parts (Substitutes) on the Support interface for this model (and based on it's SN) doesn't mention those 2 but mentions other (Intel 9462 and others)

So, to cut it short: will a Intel AC 9260 be compatible with this Yoga? or would a 9560 be? 

Thank you, Mike

AC 3165 upgrade 2.PNGFrom the Parts annex in the Hardware Maintenance Manual


AC 3165 upgrade.PNGFrom the Parts on the Support page interface


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 520-14IKB Wi-Fi card upgrade options

Well, can't say this seems to be going anywhere so i'll add a few things:

In the Parts section for this model (and based on its SN), the "Wireless,CMB,IN,9462 NV M2" (Intel AC-9462) is listed as an "Equivalent" (seen in the 2nd snapshot of my original post) which maskes me ask the question:

Are the motherboard and processor in this laptop compatible with CNVi? (the CPU is a i7 - 8550U)

I'm asking because that AC-9462 ( is a "M.2: CNVio" System interface card (same as the 9560) ( and listing it as a Part alternative (again based on the SN not on the model number alone) seems to indicate this. 

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