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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga 520 Battery life

Hi all,


I recently bought a Yoga 520. i7 8th gen 512SSD.

I noticed till now my battery life has been in the range of 2-5hrs and it seems to be kinda low for a new laptop.

I saw online that some people managed to get 8-9hrs.

How is that possible? I have never seen my battery life showing more than 6hrs Smiley Sad

Any help please anyone? Did i get a new not working as intended laptop?


And Lenovo Vantage the battery charge threshold has been removed? Cant find it too.



Community Moderator
Community Moderator
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Re: Yoga 520 Battery life

SO many things affect battery life. And, whatever you change, it takes Windows' battery gauge a little time to calculate a new estimate. 


Start with making sure the system is up to date. Use the Windows Store to make sure Lenovo Vantage is up-to-date, then use Vantage to make sure your BIOS and all of your drivers are current. There may be tweaks in your system's BIOS that'll help battery life. 


Then, it's a matter of changing settings, removing or stopping unnecessary background programs and turning off things you don't need. Not using Bluetooth? Turn it off. WiFi? Turn it off. Don't need all that i7 capability? Change the cpu setting in the power plan so that it doesn't run at maximum performance when on battery. 


Task Manager can give you some idea of what's using your CPU. Some things are more obvious than others, but a little Googling and you can figure out what each entry does. Some of the usual suspects include virus scanners (especially third party software) and system updates. Windows doesn't care if you're on battery or not, it'll dutifully start running a Windows Update whenever it feels like it.


I have a 910 and if I'm streaming a movie with the screen on full brightness with Windows updating in the background and a browser going, I can expect about four hours before I'll hit the low-battery warning. Just running Word with the screen set as low as I can handle it and WiFi/BT off and no 3rd-party virus scanner running, I've notched 6 hours with the gauge showing I still have 2 left. 

I do not respond to requests for private, one-on-one help. Your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where they may help others as well.

If a response answers your question, please mark it as the accepted solution.

I am not an employee or agent of Lenovo. I love beer.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 520 Battery life

Hi Guru,


Yup i have checked everything and updated everything. I have also off unnecessary stuff such as bluetooth and my power plan in windows is balanced. Power mode : Better battery life. 

I will continue to monitor it and if no choice, i guess i will give it a fresh system restore and hope it clears up and issues.


Btw, lenovo vantage doesn't have the battery charge threshold option? I would like my laptop to charge to 80% and not 55-65% as fixed by the conservation mode.

Any help?


Thanks alot!

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