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What's DOS?
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Yoga 530 Ryzen 530 - Limited VRAM issue



I have a software product (CAD) that requires a minimum of 1GB VRAM and ideally 2GB. The system is reporting 512Mb. I know the system automatically calibrates the VRAM to whatever is needed, however the reported fixed amount is 512Mb.


I went into the BIOS, because you can usually adjust the RAM there. It's a Vega Chip and I assumed like the 2400G you could give it up to 2GB. But there is no option for this at all.


The Acer Swift 3 faced the same issue with the same 2500u chip, they released a BIOS update that allowed users to adjust this.


I need to find some way of getting this laptop to report 2Gb of VRAM, or I can't use this software product.

If it turns out to be a choice between the CAD package and the laptop, the laptop is going to lose. I like it alot, so please don't make me return it.

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Re: Yoga 530 Ryzen 530 - Limited VRAM issue

This is a SERIOUS ISSUE that needs to be looked into, I know a lot of people defend the buffer size by saying "It can dynamically adress more memory". Yes that is true, but the thing is, certain applications only look at the dedicated VRAM value. I work as a game developer and this has become the biggest headache with the product. I have three applications that just don't run right due to abysmall VRAM settings.


I have 16GB of dual channel memory in my Yoga 530 and figured that I would recieve 512MB VRAM when getting dual channel memory (Like my father did with his Acer Ryzen 2500u), unfortunately it doesn't and instead causes a lot of uneccessary bugs within the system. Being able to dedicate 256MB up to 2GB of VRAM in BIOS should be standard for Ryzen Mobile laptops.


Other than that the graphics drivers are very immature: I had to force/sideload GPU drivers and Vulkan packages to get Vulkan-API support. The AMD Video Codec doesn't work properly (for video capture), and you can't add custom resolutions to the internal display in Radeon Settings (although you can with external monitors). however, both the monitor and hardware is capable of this since I was able to do it by hacking registry values.


The Yoga 530 is a wonderful product in terms of price, performance and value, but the BIOS and driver-set really rob us from a great experience.

Punch Card
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Re: Yoga 530 Ryzen 530 - Limited VRAM issue

hi can you change your vram ?


i have yoga 530 14arr r5 2500u, vega 8 16 gb ram, and vram only 256 (240mb efectively)

win 10 home v 1809

i have all oficial drivers

can you explain detailed what registry you changed ?  i found some tutos , but not efective  Smiley Sad


i hope lenovo can do a nice new bios, leting us change our vram, some aplications actualy is crashing with tdr failure Smiley Sad

i'm happy of the general perfomance of the laptop, no temperatures problem, but its shame when some app or game crash due vram Smiley Sad


please give me your solution 


thanks!  ^^


best wishes! Smiley Very Happy

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 530 Ryzen 530 - Limited VRAM issue

Same issue here...


Please lenovo, give us access to change the vram through BIOS. I really love this product.

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