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Yoga 700-11ISK, Miix700 USB Quick Charge 3.0 charger

I'm really very fond of the size/portability and acceptable performance of my Yoga 700-11ISK convertible, however... the onlu thing that was always my concern is the ridiculous power charging port (this modified USB) that we are forced to use... Due to current availability of Quck Charge 3.0 chargers (that I use for both my mobile, and HP608 tablet) I'm just wondering if anybody knows whether there is any "adapter" that would adapt thi ridiculous usb charging socket into usb-c socket. AFAIK Lenovo's charger delivers 20V with 2Amps (40W) to the laptop. Available on the market "standard" USB Quick Charge 3.0 charges are able too deliver 20V and 1Amp (OK, let's be honest - 18W only) (that would mean aprx. twice that long charging time, which would be perfectly acceptable for over-night charging!). I wouldn't mind to charge slower (anyway that's why my HP tablet travels with me just in case of need of some more hours autonomous work (squeezing more then 5 hours of working time out of my yoga 700-11 seems to be impossible), or just as a second monitor, or auxilary machine).

I wasn't able fo find mentioned ridiculous_yoga-to-USB-C adapter, but it seems to me, such a thing should (might) be available... Don't you thing that carrying only one power brick with you will be just perfect on-the-go? Not mentioning that USB QC3.0 chargers are available almost everywhere (imagne: nespaper, burger and one USB QC 3.0 charger, please for dining out ;-) ). No more problems with broken charger, forgotten/lost cable, lighter luggage with less cables (especially the cable that comes with yoga isn't available in every shop) and so on... No more problems travelling around the world - just buy "local" USB QC3.0 charger/adapter, and off-you-go! QC 4.0+ would be able to deliver some 27W (I haven't seen QC4.0 adapter in the wild yet, so I can't confirm), so one would be able regain almost full charging speed. From just power capacity specs USB power adapter with QC 3.0 should be sufficient for such tasks...

(sorry for my language - english is not my native language)

Any ideas?

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