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Yoga 700 14-ISK white spot warranty problems

My Yoga 700 14-ISK is currently with the Lenovo Service Shop (aka Medion) in Germany, with "white spot" issues on the screen (a single bright white spot in the lower right). They told me on 8th May that "it was determined that the issue with your computer was caused by actions that are not covered under the terms of your warranty". I have repeatedly asked them to give me a general idea of what these actions were, as I don't know what I've done and clearly there's no point in getting the screen replaced at a cost of 250 GBP if I'm just going to damage it again by my actions... Lenovo have been unable to give any indication as to what these actions were. 


Responses to specific requests for feedback the actions causing the damage include: 


“the repair centre has deemed that a repair cannot be completed under the manufacturer's warranty due to display damage (white imprint on panel, as you complained about it in description of fault)”

“The description of the fault is a general one that closely matches the issues seen previously on other units”

“I have been advised from repair centre that the issue found in your unit is the white spot on the screen”


I thought I was getting somewhere on Friday when I spoke by phone to someone at Medion who told me that there were scratches on the screen according to the engineers. My presumption from this was that they might be saying the scratches were in the same location as the spot, indicating physical damage/impact causing the spot. She sent me a photo purporting to show the scratches, but then she emailed back saying the photo didn’t show scratches but the reflection of a ceiling light! I asked for clarification re. the significance of the scratches and she said she would check again and get back to me in a few days; also she said she would give me some information regarding how to care for my screen in future in order that I don’t damage it in a similar way (as they say I have damaged it). She responded but didn’t answer the questions. Her response didn’t mention scratches at all, but the white spot (maybe the scratches have disappeared – she sent the same photo as Friday with the white spot circled).


I deduce from responses in other discussions (e.g. that such white spots are deemed to be pressure points caused by finger or thumb pressure or something sitting on the keyboard when the laptop is closed. Another discussion mentioned direct sunlight. The problem is, I do not believe I have caused any such damage, and with the thumb/finger example, I wouldn’t even know how to cause that damage if I wanted to (press very hard for a short time or press continuously for a long time?)


What is frustrating from my experience, and from reading others’, is a) Lenovo Service Shop (Medion) are not able to provide me with ball park information on what might have caused the damage (even if I disagree that I’ve done it it’s useful to have, surely?) and b) if you have this kind of screen issue they are not willing to cover it under warranty under any circumstances, even if the customer is adamant they haven’t caused the damage.


I attach a photo with the white spot circled. It doesn't look that bad in the photo but in reality it's very distracting and my eye is always drawn to it when trying to focus elsewhere on the screen.



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