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Yoga 700 - How do I charge it from a power bank?

Just got a Yoga 700-11ISK. It's great. Love it. Want to know how I can charge it from a power bank. The battery life is good-not-great. I know it needs 20v. If I snagged a 24v power bank and used the USB C cable,  would I get a charge? Anyone have alternate suggestions? I'll solder together something totally unsafe if need be.

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Re: Yoga 700 - How do I charge it from a power bank?

I am getting some info from the Lenovo team on the USB Type C port if it supports audio, video or whatever application however seems to be that the Type C is just another USB port for portable devices such as external HDD.

There have been discussions about charging the laptop via Type C however I don't think you can as its only suppose to charge via the AC port.
Don't fry the mobo mate.

*Non Lenovo employee*

I have a Y530 ... Feel free to highlight any post which you have posted on the forum to me if no one have chimed in.
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Re: Yoga 700 - How do I charge it from a power bank?

Yoga 700-11ISK has a USB-C port?



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